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Cover Your Bald Head With Drawings!

Artist Phil Levine started to grow bald, when he was hardly twenty. However, unlike many other men with a similar problem, he kept presence of mind. On the contrary, he decided to take advantage of his new look and transformed his head in a canvas!

He did not want to simply shave a head as it is done by others, that is why he decided to combine this process with art. Of course, even having a huge talent and also a huge desire to cover your head with drawings independently, it is doubtful that it is possible. That’s why, if you feel inspired after our story, addressed for help to the professional master of body art. For creating one “picture” master will need from two to four hours depending on complexity of drawing.

Instead of wearing a wig and hiding under it your so-called ugliness, solve your problem in an original way, and everything, that people consider weakness, will become your force. For decoration of your head you can choose different styles, with the help of which you will show that part of you, which nobody has seen before.

Beautiful pictures are not the only thing, which can appear on your head. If you adore shocking public, glue down to your head crystals Swarovski and you will be the centre of general attention at once. Maybe someone will see in your actions original form of art, somebody will put his forefinger to his temple and twist it. But you will not be bored and party will be everywhere, where you are.

Today, in some cities such original festivals as «Head Art Festival» take place. Organizers popularize «bald head philosophy» and make body art on bald heads, helmets, bonnet, hats and caps for everyone, who wants.

The purpose of such actions is involving the maximum number of “bald” men and women for painting as more bald heads and helmets as possible, also selling as more accessories for heads as possible.

The reasons for making a drawing on a head can be very different. Father of a Serbian swimmer made on his bald head a tattoo, on which there is the result that his daughter showed in the World championship in water sports in Rome is fixed. He fulfilled his promise given before the beginning of World championship.

He promised, that he will make a tattoo on his head, if his daughter covers the distance of 200 metres using the breaststroke faster, than 2 minutes and 22 seconds. In the World championship in 2009 in a final heat she showed the result of 2 minutes and 21,62 seconds, and established a record of Europe.

So, tattoos on bald head are all the rage now. Besides, as masters say, if it will be bright, it will be cooler.

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Baldness, Is It A Tragedy?

Luxuriant, thick hair is, perhaps, a boast of any adult man. Every man has enough reasons to preen himself, but good hair does not have the last place in the list of them. Most of men had good hair in their early days. But, practically 25 % of men, who are even 25 years old, notice first signs of hair loss, and by the time men are 50, approximately 50 % of representatives of a strong half of human race suffer from the same fate.

By the time they are thirty many men have signs of alopecia. “First signs” of it are high temples on the top of the head. Having faced this regrettable fact, men conduct themselves differently. Someone becomes sullen and gets a complex about his baldness, afraid of sneers and trying to hide this defect, by growing and combing hair in a special way or wearing a fashionable headdress, others seriously think about hair transplantation. And the most self-assured simply do their bald head a part of their image.
But after all, it is a pity that those who have good hair, it happens, shave it off completely. And those, who do not have a bush of hair, suffer and try to grow it. Especially if you had it earlier, and then lost because of some reason, it is hard to endure. After all if I will have more hair on a head, I will not be loved stronger by opposite sex, but who thinks about it?

So, what is the reason?

Hair is a natural appendage of skin; this is a distinctive feature of mammals, which is not typical for other animals. The level of scalp development differs not only with different mammals, but also on different sites of a body of one individual. Alopecia is abnormal or early hair loss, which is usually a result of various reasons, among which there are stress, burns, posttraumatic scars, medicinal therapy, and also radiating irradiation.

Some diseases of infectious character, for example, scarlet fever or typhoid fever, some diseases of a skin can also become the reason for alopecia.

There are oodles of various ointments, “supershampoos” and other “magic” medicines in the market. For example, there are liquids for hair containing estrogen. We hope that you understand that it is impossible.

Many people recommend rubbing some ointments for three months before occurrence of the first results. If the hair appears, it is necessary to rub this substance during your life because if you stop, alopecia will return. If it did not, know that this remedy was not a medicine from your illness.

Some doctors support different rubbings. Because this process makes better blood inflow to a head skin. And hair can really grow.

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Loosing Weight By Natural Means

If you want to develop healthy habits and to lose weight, then this article could be helpful for you. About 60 percent of Americans are considered to be overweight. That is why losing weight is a national problem today. And this explains why so many weight loss programs and methods exist. However, not all of them deserve your attention.

Weight loss programs that promise quick weight loss are popular among people. However, if you try most of them you will have to quit rather soon. Rapid weight loss is not healthy. And in fact it may be even dangerous.

Healthy weight loss is based on a simple principle: you need to burn more energy than you consume with food. And you should also exercise regularly along with reducing stress levels.

Rapid weight loss is usually achieved by chemicals that force water from your organism and leave it weak and suffering. At the same time steady and healthy weight loss has many benefits when applied to even highly obese people. And still many articles are written on the effectiveness of rapid weight loss. We want you to understand that weight loss pills are not the answer. And you should find natural means to help you lose weight that will not have any side effects. Otherwise you might not lose your weight, but gain some additional health problems instead.

There are various natural supplements that could help you to lose weight. However, it is impossible to lose weight by taking supplements alone. So you should not have any illusions. Losing weight is all about your own effort. You need to change your life style and to exercise regularly. Exercising is much more important than changing your eating habits. You could burn as many calories as you want while you could not reduce your calorie intake to zero as you still need food to live.

That is why it is strongly recommended to find some time in your daily schedule for exercise sessions. Even a busy person could exercise physically. For example, you could use your car less frequently and walk more. You could stop taking the elevator and take the stairs instead. And you could do many other things to help you burn unwanted pounds and to become healthier. Just make it your priority.

You are really able to achieve what you want to achieve. This means you need to stay highly motivated and to put some effort into becoming healthier. And if you do this you will be able to enjoy your more attractive body very and very soon. Just believe in yourself! And believe that you could change your body and your life. You will see the changes rather soon!

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Women’s Hair Loss Is A Solvable Problem

Contrary to all stereotypes, hair loss is a widespread problem not only among men, but also among women. The difference is in the fact, that women’s hair loss is reversible in most cases.

The best treatment is a prevention of illness. It is necessary to look after its health, if you want to notice a problem and to prevent serious hair loss at the right time.

Periodically count, how many hairs remain on your hairbrush during the day. Hair, which came out, differs from simply broken one, it has a small white induration on the end. If there are less than a hundred of came out hairs, everything is all right with your hair, if there are more than a hundred, it is necessary to search for reasons of loss.

The reasons for loss can be different. Only heredity is incurable, but very small percent of women have it. Hair can come out because of hormonal changes in an organism, for example, if you have already climax or after pregnancy.

In these cases it is better to consult a doctor. Hair loss can often start as a result of stress. Stress is the most widespread reason, and it is the most difficult to find out, because hair loss begins only a few months after endured stress.

Another reason, which women always try to ignore, is diets. Remember that hair growth directly depends on quantity of vitamins and minerals, which organism gets. Unbalanced diet leads to hair becoming dull, and it starts to come out.

If you do not find any reason, but you feel that lose really great quantity of hairs daily and if you also noticed dandruff or irritation of a head skin, address to special doctor, to trichologist.

If you have a mild case, when the quantity of came out hairs increased slightly in comparison with usual quantity, different works at the beauty shop, folk remedies and change of a diet can help you.

There are a lot of procedures for hair care, if you lose it, which it is possible to get in beauty salons. This is a massage effecting active points of a head where there are clusters of nerve elements; thermal action; transcutaneous analgetic electric stimulation of nerves and others. The expert of salon will find, what will help you better.

If you do not trust beauty salons, try to help hair by yourself. Herbal potions and masks of natural components can give better effect, than expensive cosmetic remedies. But make sure that you have no allergy on one of these components.

Use also such compress of yolk and oil: grind 1 yolk with 1 teaspoon of castor oil, put this blend on dry dirty hair for 40 minutes as a compress. Do this once a month.

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The Perfect Acne Treatment That Can Vanquish Acne From The Inner Side

Are you in searchg of the perfect Acne Treatment of the world? Do you think it must be some costly cream? Or you are in need of some miracle treatment? You’ll be surprised to comprehend that though the best acne treatment of the world has been found so far but neither is it a costly cream nor a magical drug. Rather these creams and drugs do not treat the reason of the acne. They are only created to remove the symptoms of acne. What more you are ready to meet? These creams and drugs even give many side effects. I’m sure you must be aware that just few months back a famous drug has even been withdrawn from the market because of its harmful side effects.

What worse? This drug has already been provided to millions of acne sufferer. After making the sale the organizaitons decided to withdraw the particular drug from the market as it has to face thousands of lawsuits. This bad acne medication caused a lot of serious side effects that include depression, psychosis and miscarriage or other birth effect in the pregnant woman. You must be still wondering what the best acne treatment is then. The respond is the treatment of hormonal imbalance. This is also one of the explanation that why acne is more general in puberty. Most hormonal changes take place during this phase of life. So the best Acne Treatment of the world is the one that fights against acne from the inner side.

There are several simplest advices to assist you get started. Skin blemishes start to appear when dead skin cells and oil clogs the pores. This requires a thorough cleaning of the face. It is good to wash the face with mild soap twice day. It is better to opt the product that is non comedogenic. Prepare a lotion by mixing water in 10 drops of propolis and then use it on acne affected area. Gently apply the pulp of tomato on zits. Leave it on face for around half an hour then wash the face with lukewarm water. Make a paste of sesame seeds and water to fight against acne inflammation. Apply honey to kill bacteria that are the general cause of blemishes. Use Aloe Vera gel to speed up healing process and for reducing swelling and redness.

Healthy diet helps to advance the system. Eat plenty of furious and vegetables and take a multivitamin daily. Zinc supplements are also inherent. Get enough peaceful sleep. At least sleep for more than 8 hours to prevent hormonal imbalance. Elude stress. Engage in some relaxing activity like yoga. Avoid touching the face often; as our hand is full of germs and bacteria. These germs and bacteria can cause more blemishes.

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How To Reduce Calories Without Becoming Weak?

A healthy grown-up male should get at least 2550 calories everyday. Females should consume around 2000 calories per day. Many times, people wanting extreme fast weight loss will ignore this thing and will regret later on.

However the calorie requirements might be different for some people. Athletes and those involved in manual labor need more calories than an average person. At the same time, people with health problems might also have different calorie requirements.

If you want to lose weight, then cut down on calorie consumption gradually. Many people make the mistake of trying to cut down calories drastically. This is likely to cause immense weakness and a host of other health problems.

Always remember that when you drop calories, you should not lessen it below the minimum that is recommended above. Otherwise your body may not be able to function properly. It is going to need calories and energy for everyday functioning. You just cannot survive for long on too few calories.

Due to this reason, you should stay away from crash diets. These are very bad for you as they drastically cut down on calories. It will have a big effect on your metabolism rate. When the metabolism rate slows down, further weight loss will become extremely difficult.

How to Effectively Reduce Calorie Consumption?
You need to have a plan in order to proceed with calorie cutting. A properly formulated plan will make the task easier for you. Consult an expert so that they can develop a diet plan for you. Other option would be to choose a healthy diet plan which already exists in the market. There are some good ones you can choose from.

Ideally, you should aim to reduce not more than 500 calories daily from your diet. Only after you get comfortable with this reduced eating, should you try for further calorie reduction. This will mean that you are not putting too much burden on your body.

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast by Calorie Reduction:
As mentioned previously, a good diet plan will make the task easier for you. You won’t have to think hard about where to cut down the calories. The experts will do all the thinking for you, and will hand you easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

A healthy diet plan is very essential if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner. It will save you from a lot of headache and unnecessary confusion. However be careful to stay away from unhealthy diet plans which are too restrictive of your eating. They are not good in the long run.

Let me summarize the key points presented in the article. First of all, know the minimum calorie requirements of the body and make sure they are met. Secondly, reduce the extra calories consumption in a gradual, planned manner.

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Effective And Productive Weight Loss Methods

Reception of routine of the realization going again can be a difficult problem to reach these days. However, with norm of fatness in America it is so high, as all of us should work a bit harder over living more healthy lives. While it is easy to write it is not so easy to reach. Educational programs of loss of weight, however, can provide support and a management necessary for this effort.

Any can take pleasure of an extensive network of the country skilled personal trainers. They are not any usual personal trainers also as they should help executors of a city. Many of these executors have the agreement in their contract which says that they should remain in certain weight and the body form, thus these trainers know that correct methods provide to these executors whom they can divide with you.

Start of new routine of warm-up is not that easy, especially for the physical inhabitant of suitability. Videos and books expect that people should be able to understand that they should make, but it is very unreal. There are many factors which enter into realization, thus having someone to help you through it, really there was the best choice.

Many people think that they only should amaze gymnastics when they receive some additional pounds. However, the decision is only one factor for weight loss.

While we can think that we know what diet is fine, trainers are formed with the newest information about sitting on a diet.

For warm-up to be completely effective, the routine should be worked in the diet plan. There are a lot of dealers only will slap slogans as degreased on a product, and people think that it is healthy. It can be healthy for some people, but not always what everyone requires. Various kinds of foodstuff will provide the food necessary for our body to function properly, thus it is important to represent as the factor of all this foodstuff in a diet, but the majority of us are not formed on it.

Amazing gymnastics build a muscle; we tend to think that we should eat a lot of fiber. While fiber is surely good, an unbalanced weight loss diet is not. Besides, fiber can actually slow down a metabolism which causes the bad increase in weight. The metabolism increase is very much a prominent aspect to keep to a diet and train, as it will give a body the energy it requires.

Loss of weight which we wish to lose should not tame so as people do it. With the program, which is projected not only to work with your certain type of a body, but also to work with your purposes, the success is approximately guaranteed.

It also will help to save time because there will be no very many unfortunate attempts of loss of weight.

For a management and support with growing thin, muscle reception and metabolism increases, choose the program of loss of weight of Las Vegas for you.

If you are looking for some help to lose weight fast – then you should first of all realize that weight loss is not a dream. You can lose weight fast, this is realistic, provided you know the tips about weight loss industry and its propositions.

How To Choose The Best Weight Loss Programs

It is fair council which I could give you about your best program of loss of weight. People really ask me about the best program of loss of weight is not the healthiest program of loss of weight. The reason behind it could be everyone adjusted to lose weight, irrespective of the involved complications. There is a party of conversation nineteen to a dozen on the Internet about weight loss, but the best way to grow thin is asked the expert to allow him or her to do the adjusted diet and the plan of realization concerning your healthy loss of weight.

I recommend you not to go for whim diets as they can bring more harm, than advantage to your body. Though, bowing to pressure of the people asking me the best program of loss of weight, here I go with a small amount of the best methods of loss of weight, in the meantime I have simplified to degree so that you should really not worry about a thing, going for healthy loss of weight.

Growing thin is all from a science before art to mathematics to trade and spirituality; but at last, it is you who will define importance of each component to your best realization of reduction of weight.

Before the writing of this article I tried to search for the best program and results which I have found, not even close to my question, I do not understand what happens with experts of suitability or they have been suppressed somewhere downwards to page20. I do not know about it, but I have decided to write something that could help to understand my followers helps of loss of weight and dodge.

Though, I highly recommend going for fitness centre there are some good points which will help you to hold you in a good condition, even thought, what I will not say, what the best program is if it is not adjusted for individual requirements and wants, why? As you cannot cover all under one umbrella there are various people with various metabolisms, a way of life and activity level.

How to lose stomach fat? There was and there will be a party of buzz round word, “how to lose party” fat of a stomach preview trailers, the so-called experts telling you all secret to get rid of irritating and disgusting fat of a stomach. Refusing the theories designed by so-called experts of loss of weight, there is no magic diet pill which could intend for belly fat in particular.

Realization is a key to lose obstinate fat of the stomach; any physical activity will facilitate fat loss for the whole body, including your tummy. Except expectation, you cannot define only, burn down stomach fat, fat burn, happens on all extent of a body are not only inflated. If you do crunches, it strengthens muscles and burns down stomach fat earlier than other parts of a body.

Strict discipline of a diet: despite it, you follow the program of suitability, if you do not follow the certain plan of a diet; results are not going to be in your advantage.

It is absolutely realistic to lose weight fast. But if you plan to see any results with weight loss, then you should better know this weight loss information.

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