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Acne Care Treatment

Holistic acne care relates to acne care that could be carried on by the method of relaxation, meditation and spiritual methods. Holistic acne care will also involve aryurveda and homeopathy. There is also many vitamin therapy and other approaches to holistic acne care like aromatherapy, juice therapy, acupressure, reflexology and yoga.

Holistic acne care restricts them to natural remedial measure and avoids using high antioxidants and chemically reactive substances in the making of creams, lotions and soaps to prevent the spread of acne. Homeopathy treatment for acne is another effective, but a long-term type of holistic acne care.

A holistic acne care program helps to cope with all related problems. Moreover, such a holistic acne care program can be practiced by people of all skin types since it has very less chances of side effects. If you have an acne problem, the best solution is to choose an acne care system to revitalize your skin and correct the problem.

Acne affects old and young alike, but it is a skin problem that most teenagers encounter and find troublesome. The most common form of acne is called acne vulgaris and here is the acne problem that most teenagers encounter. Females that take or stop taking birth control pills sometimes suffer from acne medicamentosa, which is a form of acne related to certain prescription medications.

The acne care systems currently available are mainly designed to treat acne vulgaris. Whether you have dark skin or fair skin, you will be able to find an acne care system that works for you. Switching from one system to another could result in making your acne problem worse instead of better.

The majority of the acne care systems work such as. Know your skin type before you choose a specific care treatment for your acne. Gel-based products work best for those with oily skin, while creams work best for those with dry skin.

For those who have sensitive skin, you should look for mild acne treatments that will not burn or irritate your skin at all. You will need to read the directions for using the acne care system that you choose and to only apply the treatments to the areas on the epidermis on which there is acne present.

Each type requires a different acne care plan. Comedonal acne is just the medical name for whiteheads and blackheads. Nodulocystic acne has deeper nodules or cysts. Acne care varies for all these types, as does the strength of the acne treatment.

Comedonal acne is best treated with topical solutions such as benzoyl peroxide and Retin-A. Because acne treatment for inflammatory acne is primarily done with some form of antibiotic, over time, bacterial resistance can occur. Nodulocyctic acne care can include everything previously mentioned. Accutane is a last resort treatment you can use for this serious form of acne.

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