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Body Acne Treatment

Body acne is difficult to treat as compared with face acne because the body should be covered by clothing most likely. What causes body acne are about just like facial acne. Acne is caused due to clogging of pores due to excessive oil secretion.

The areas most commonly affected by body acne include the chest area, the shoulders, the back and the buttocks. It is identifiable by the prominent red spots which may be itchy and painful. In severe cases, these small spots can swell causing them to become inflamed and more painful.

Body acne is not caused due to hygiene reasons rather it is caused due to hormones known as androgen which stimulates sebaceous glands to produce excessive oils resulting in acne. Body acne can grow to a very severe level where cysts appear on the skin sometimes causing blemishes and scars.

Body acne can be prompted by a variety of factors; over production of oil in the skin glands, hormonal imbalance, excessive perspiration and constant wearing of tight clothes, especially those made from certain synthetic fibers such as nylon and lycra.

As soon as body acne appears you should consult a dermatologist and start treatment immediately as body acne can cause discomfort to the patient. The body area with acne should be cleaned very gently and it should not be rubbed.

Generally, the underlying cause of body acne is the same; the growth of acne causing bacteria on the skin. It starts on a certain part of the body, and if steps are not taken to treat the problem, there is a risk that the bacteria will spread to other parts of the body and become further aggravated.

The treatment for body acne is comparable to that used for facial acne. Start by washing your body using soap or shower products containing sailcylic acid. Once you have finished washing the affected area, gently dry your body with a soft, clean towel. Ensure that you pat your skin dry, rather than rubbing it. If you rub the area it will remove any dead skin from your body which will clog the pores, which is probably the main causes of acne.

Body acne really should not be scrubbed or picked as it can further spread and worsen acne. Apply acne medicine very gently on the affected area. In case you are suffering from body acne than you can start your treatment immediately and continue to get complete acne information to help you easily cope with the situation.

While looking for products to treat your body acne absolutely vital to remember that no two acne sufferers are indifferent. So products that worked well for other people may not work as well for you. So be prepared to experiment with various products until you find the ones that work effective for you.

And once you work out the best products to use, just be sure you have some available to be able to deal with any future outbreaks of body acne when it starts. Acne tends to start slowly and then spread if left unattended, so absolutely vital to get any outbreak of acne under control as soon as possible. This should cause the outbreak of acne to be less severe and less prolonged.

Drinking many water is the body detoxification process at its simplest. Unfortunately, nearly all body acne is too complex to be cleared by this process alone.

As well as the traditional acne remedies that exist, there are an increasing number of natural acne treatment products that have been used with some success. Various vitamin supplements such as vitamin A and vitamin B5 are also good in terms of improving your general health and reducing the likelihood and severity of outbreaks of body acne.

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