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Choosing a Hair Removing Technique

Electrolysis: among so many permanent methods of unwanted hair removing this method is called electrolysis. Other two permanent hair-removing methods are laser and prescribed cream use. In this technique electrical current is passed into the hair follicle. As a result of this hair become inactive and cause the hair follicle to fall out. A hair thin metal probe is slid into a hair follicle and through this the electricity is delivered to the follicle. There are currently three types of electrolysis techniques. They are galvanic current, electro coagulation and radio wave. These are different because the methods are different and the time requires for the each method is also differs from each other. Each procedure can remove different amount of hairs from the hair follicle. Among the above-mentioned methods the galvanic current method is the slowest method of the three. And on the other hand it has been claimed that the radio wave electrolysis is less uncomfortable but it creates some pigment problems. This is only just a claim but not proved adequately yet.

Galvanic current electrolysis is a technique where a basic chemical decomposition process is used as a treatment of the way to get rid of the unwanted hairs of your body parts. At first a needle is introduced into a hair follicle and through it the current is sent. The basic theory of any electrolysis is also the working logic here. The body salts and the moisture in the tissue are converted into a lye solution and that is called sodium hydroxide. The tissue and the hair follicles are dependent on the lye solution. Electrolysis method i.e. galvanized process is highly successful and safe in destroying the hairs within the hair follicles. This is a recommended method of permanent hair removal and also demanding for the very reason. The galvanic current appliances are also available in our home as for example permatweez and this is for home use. It may be a slow and tedious process but it is cheap to use and thus preferable to many people. Going to a regular session for hair removing is laborious and expensive for many people and that is why the popularity. It is basically a chemical process.

Electrolysis is a long-term process and sometimes it is uncomfortable to some people and so they use topical anesthesia creams to minimize the discomfiture. There are number of side effects caused by this. They are scarring, irregular pigmentation, infections and flare-ups of acne and herpes simplex (cold sores) in the area being treated. For these reasons you should always go to a properly trained beauticians and doctors who are just trained in this art. Discuss with them to get the desired result.

Prescription creams: vaniqa is a prescription cream and this used to reduce the facial hairs which can have the full capability of making you look ugly and bad. Women above 12 years can use this prescribed cream. It may not work properly for some people unknown reasons. The key ingredient is eflornithine hydrochloride. It inhibits an enzyme that affects hair growth, called ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). You may have to use another means for removing hairs with using vaniqa.

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