June 2021
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Beauty Is Skin Deep

Many times we complain about petty little things. How our hair looks flat today or how that tiny pimple is going to ruin your whole night. Not once do think about those people in the world that wish they could have our petty little defects. I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show the other day and Oprah was interviewing the woman who was attacked by her friends chimpanzee. The chimpanzee attacked her while she was helping her friend put the wild animal back in its cage. The chimpanzee ripped out her hands, eyelids, nose and lips. Miraculously the woman survived this horrible and gruesome attack. Unfortunately she was left blind and disfigured because of the attack. This woman is courageous and I admire her. She continues living her life and was brave enough to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show and show her face to the world.

We worry about that small pimple ruining our whole day and we never once think about those people who are not as fortunate to have just a small pimple to worry about. Let us stop thinking about how horrible or flat our hair looks and think about how our cancer victims lose all their hair and all they worry about is staying alive and healthy. Many times we complain about how horrible our life is. How we wish we could go out and eat in an expensive restaurant. How we hate our lives because we don’t have the best homes or fancy cars. But what about those who are outside homeless? Those people who are not as fortunate as us to actually have a home to live in or food to eat. I bet they would love to be living the life we are living and would change lives with us in a heartbeat.

Beauty is skin deep nobody what anyone says. We need to start loving ourselves more and stop worrying about our petty little defects. Many times people are more attracted to confidence and less on looks. So the next time you are having a bad hair day, stand tall and confident. Love yourself for who you are and whenever a petty little thought rushes through our heads, just remember those courageous people out there who have a lot more problems and they are happy with how they are.

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