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Beauty Salon Hepa Air Purifier

If you own a beauty salon or spend a lot of time in one as a beautician, receptionist, or customer you are constantly breathing in hundreds of chemicals that are being released into the air from hairspray, permanents, conditioners, hair color, smoke from straightening combs and curling irons.

As a beautician, you can think of even more chemicals than the ones just mentioned. And if the salon has a number of beauticians all using the same sort of products, the number of airborne pollutants is staggering. Hands are easily protected with gloves, but protecting your lungs and body from ingesting these chemicals is just as important. Consider using an air purifier with the 10 features below.

  • Choose a high efficiency particle arresting filter or HEPA air purifier.

A HEPA air purifier is designed to remove even the smallest airborne particulates down to .3 microns in size.

  • Choose a filter whose makeup is targeted at chemical removal.

Filters in purifiers are targeted at removing different pollutants. Make sure the purifier you choose has a filter that is specifically designed to remove chemicals.

  • Accurately measure the square footage you need to clean.

To assure that your air purifier functions properly, it is important to select an air purifier that is designed to clean the square footage of your salon. Buying an air purifier that is properly matched to your square footage will insure fresh clean.

  • Choose a purifier with all steel construction and a baked-on powder coat finish.

Steel construction sealed with a baked-on powder coat finish assures that you will only receive pure air when the purifier is operating. Purifiers made with plastic give off fumes from the plastic housing (out gassing) once the purifier has been running for a while and the plastic parts heat up.

  • Choose a purifier that is light-weight and/or portable.

Choosing a purifier that is light-weight means it can easily be moved from one space in you salon to another, or can be moved to a different location entirely. Look for a purifier that comes with casters, or consider having casters installed at the factory if you anticipate moving the purifier often.

  • Choose a purifier that is designed to run 24 hours, quietly, efficiently, and economically.

In order to keep your air clean you need a purifier that will run 24 hours a day so that pollutants are removed continuously even when you are away. Your purifier should be able to run continuously on just pennies a day.

  • Choose a purifier that has a substantial warranty.

Choose a purifier that the manufacturer warrants for 5 years. This assures you that the purifier is well made and that the manufacturer will repair it should you have problems.

  • Choose a company that will allow you to try out the purifier for 30 days and receive your money back.

A 30-Day money back guarantee will assure that you get the air purifier that is effective in your salon. It is also an indication that the company is confident that the product is well made and effective.

  • Choose a low maintenance purifier.

Some air purifiers may cost less because they require frequent changing and washing of the filter. Not only is this a time-consuming procedure, but it releases pollutants into the air again! Choose a purifier whose filter needs changing infrequently, and functions effectively without constant maintenance

  • Choose a purifier with an easy filter replacement procedure.

Choose a purifier that needs infrequent filter changes to operate correctly. There are purifiers whose filters should be replaced only once every 5 years! Make sure replacing the filter is simple and easy, and is something that you can do quickly and without hassle.

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