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Beauty Schools – A Sure Bet For A Successful Career

Those interested in having a bright career have a great option of joining a beauty school and graduating in cosmetology. By getting specialized training you can enjoy a career track that has tremendous opportunities and scope.

You gain a lot by attending a beauty school in America. Beauty schools provide hands on education. They are best source of learning for the fashion forward, since they adapt to constantly changing trends and fads.

Beauty schools offer different programs, program duration and schedule. Basic training in coloring, shampooing and styling is offered across the board. Other courses including makeup, nail care and skincare are also offered by many beauty schools.

Students joining beauty schools get wide choices as regards program length and part- time or full-time schedule. Students, who want to complete their courses faster, opt for full-time course, while others employed elsewhere attend night classes. Students are required to attend certain minimum hours to secure graduation from beauty school. They spend a few hours in classroom training and learn styling techniques and color etc. on the clinic floor. Students are given total flexibility in selection of schedule to suit their working hours.

Beauty schools use different teaching methods and techniques such as live demonstrations by qualified instructors, videos, textbook examples and illustrations. Certain beauty schools adopt 3-phase approach: basic, adaptive and creative training. Basic training involves introduction to hair styling, makeup and nail care. Adaptive teaching includes salon management and subjects dealing with state laws. In the creative phase of training students undergo practical training by actually working on different customers.

Irrespective of their school affiliation and programs, students are required to appear and pass the state cosmetology board exam. They need a license for working as beautician, cosmetologist, or hairdresser.

Beauty schools are creative schooling avenues where students get opportunity to learn with greater flexibility. Full-time beauty training courses that lead to associates degree, last about 9 months, while courses for pedicurists and manicurists are short term.

Job opportunities for graduates of beauty schools are continuously on the rise, despite turbulent economic conditions. Cosmetologists, hair dressers and hairstylists, pedicurists and manicurists are witnessing high growth of employment all over the country. Skin care specialists and makeup artists are having brighter job prospects.

Most beauty schools assist students in immediate job placement. However this type of service is not offered by the traditional beauty colleges and universities. Cosmetologists that graduate from different beauty schools in the U.S. make a decent living. Based on last year’s statistics, cosmetologists who graduate from beauty schools earn average salary of $35,000 per year, in an average sized city, which is on par with those graduating from universities. Apart from high salary, cosmetologists earn big money in tips alone every month. Other income comes from freelance work on family and friends.

Unlike traditional schooling, training and education that students obtain from beauty schools is far more practical. This is one major reason why students are joining beauty schools in large numbers.

Beauty schools are surely the best source of learning and for crafting a bright career.

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