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Beauty Therapy Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for work in beauty therapy will usually follow a fairly standard procedure. The first contact that you will have with a spa, salon or other employer will be through your CV and covering letter of application. It is vital, therefore, to make sure that you take this opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself, and your own particular skills, to whoever is to review your application.

If you have any previous experience in the beauty industry, then it is, of course, vital to highlight this from the outset: if you can demonstrate that you have successfully acquitted yourself in a similar position before, your potential employer will begin by being well-disposed towards your application. As such, you should definitely highlight relevant previous experience in your CV, especially if you have taken time away from the beauty field.

If there is an application form involved in the recruitment process, you will probably be asked to delineate those specific skills which will help you get to grips with a new job quickly and easily. Even if you are not asked specifically, however, it will help your application no end to make it very clear, in your CV, that you have the skill-set necessary to make you a successful and useful member of the team that you hope to join. As such, try to bolster the details of your previous employment by making a special note of the duties that you undertook – and the things that you achieved – in previous jobs that make you a great candidate for the one that you are currently applying for. Of course, details of your relevant training and qualifications will also help: if you are a fully qualified nail technician, the person reading your CV needs to know!

If you progress to the interview stage, you should be prepared to back up everything that you have put on your CV, as well as demonstrate your personal aptitude for work as a beauty therapist through your appearance, professionalism, inner confidence and friendly attitude.

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