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Beauty Therapy Salaries

Depending on the particular circumstances of the role in which you find yourself, you might be paid in one of two ways as a beauty therapist: either on a set salary, or on a per client basis, with a percentage of your client fee being retained by the owner of the salon for which you are working. The advantage of being on a set salary is, of course, the fact that you will have a great deal of security in terms of exactly how much you will be earning each month. As a newly-qualified beauty therapist, you might expect to earn around £13,500 as a starting yearly wage. As you gain more experience, of course, you will gain skills (and, potentially, a client-base loyal to you rather than a particular salon) that will be worth an employer paying for: after a couple of years in the business, therefore, you should expect to see your salary begin to rise, to an eventual level of around £16,000 to £17,000.

Of course, if you take the plunge into management, or eventually open a salon or day-spa of your own, you should see your earnings increase accordingly. A salon manager will earn over £20,000, or more depending upon the level of responsibility they are undertaking, the reputation of the salon and the number of therapists underneath them. As a salon or spa-owner, meanwhile, the sky is the limit in terms of your take-home salary, and will, of course, depend upon the success of your business, and your monthly outgoings and expenditure.

There is also, of course, another jump in salary level which can be experienced if you manage to find work in one of the bigger-name exclusive salons or spa treatment centres. Additionally, therapists being paid on a per-client basis will find that their salary depends entirely upon the number of clients they see. You should expect either a 70/30 or 80/20 split in your favour when it comes to the salon retaining a percentage of your fee (although, of course, in these circumstances you will also usually need to pay for your own equipment): the split could be as low as 60/40, but not usually any less than this.

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