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Breast Lump in a Man

Moderate breast massage may be helpful in breast cancer prevention. Some studies have shown this practice to be therapeutic and speculation is that the massage helps free the breasts of toxins and improves circulation.

Before the age of twenty, is very rare to get it and not often diagnosed in women less than twenty-five years old. The chances of contacting climbs steadily after 25 and peaks around menopause age in women. It increases less after menopause but as they age, the risk to older women gradually increases.

Oftentimes, the patient and even the doctor will mistake it for a simple infection and she’ll be put on antibiotics. But it doesn’t get better. It also doesn’t get worse and that’s the tip-off: an infection will always get better or worse within a week or two – it rarely stays the same. If no change seems to be evident, the doctor should perform a biopsy of the underlying tissue to see if it is cancer.

Nipples are extremely important regions of the breasts. Apart from adding beauty to the breasts, these are also the only functional areas of the breasts. Also they are the most erogenous regions. For all these reasons, nipple beauty is a very important part of overall breast beauty.

The treatment for gynecomastia most often recommended by doctors is some type of surgery, including removal of any excess breast tissue and liposuction for the fatty portion of the breast. This can be very effective, but is very expensive, carries risks of pain, infection and scarring and might not be the first step you want to take.

A word of warning however — don’t try to lose man boobs by crash dieting or taking dangerous drugs or supplements. You will be much healthier and happier, as well as look much better, by learning what specific foods to introduce into your diet, as well as what to eliminate. By combining that with special strength training exercises and aerobic work, you will be well on your way to a flat chest in a matter of weeks.

Just as in females, the presence of a lump is a symptom for male breast cancer. It is often painless, and may be occur along with increasing thickness of breasts. The breast skin may appear pitted and show the peau d’orange syndrome. Changes in the nipple, fluid discharge from nipples, inverted nipples, redness around the nipples, and change in the breast skin texture are all symptoms of male breast cancer.

Men who have male boobs should be worried about breast cancer. In most cases, when a man develops breast cancer – whether or not he has male boobs – the cause is hormonal changes – specifically a rise in estrogen, which is contributed to the development of man boobs.

Men, don’t let breast lumps be a risk. Depending on where abouts in the world you live, men get called all sorts of various names. Blokes, Guys, Men, Jokers, Boys, and if you are lucky, Dear. Whatever you like to be called, please understand that you may be at risk of having male breast cancer and that whilst it is not common, it is possible to have, regardless of where you live.

Any risk factors that you have no control over should put you on alert a little more. Some other risk factors include gender as women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer, age as women are far more likely to get it over the age of 55, and if you have dense breast tissue.

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