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Clothing With The “Clean Beauty”

Clothing with the “clean beauty” is considered the most easy dress with a mix of beauty. “Clean Beauty” literally refers to the clothes clean and neat. This article tries to look up clothing with the “Clean Beauty” the meaning and connotation.

1, Why costumes with the “clean, neat,” will produce? Article has explored the site “What is beauty” and” clothing aesthetic”. We know” clothing aesthetic” is a psychological activity, through aesthetic appreciation and appreciation of those who being a new cognitive sublimation (such as integrity, quality, culture, knowledge, age, personality, hobbies, etc.), and generates the corresponding psychological feelings (such as warm, pleasant … …) and mental activities (such as association … …). “If the aesthetic appreciation of the process of being made by those who appreciate ] favorable, not offensive evaluation, or appreciation of those who have a “useful and positive” mental activity, we believe that “the dress with a success.” Sot Why dress with the “clean. Clean, “let those who feel the appreciation beautiful?

First of all, the more simple things, the easier acceptance. The world around us can be considered from the point of composition, because the points form lines, lines, planes, surface to form space. Human brain processing of information is also adapted to this mechanism. If a thing is continuous, the brain does not deal with them how strenuous. As a clean clothes, without blemish, the brain receives information on the color of his clothes do not have to spend dealing with tainted information module, so at this point, clean clothes, clean clothes better than not allow the brain to relax Appreciation; on the one hand, because of disharmony stain of the brain are also prone to being more discriminating negative evaluation, such as appreciation of those who were living habits, health habits, etc. concerns. “Clean” the principle Ibid.

2, Is not the dress with the “not clean, not clean,” will certainly not produce the sense of beauty?
I added this topic is to further deepen the readers of “aesthetic dress” understanding. We give an example to divert the topic. “If a contribution in his post quietly for 30 years, no regrets, 51 awarded by the National Labor Medal of older workers, dressed in work clothes (dirty, messy) standing in front of you, do you think he is’ ugly ‘. ” Certainly not! Therefore, a standard that we accept any principle or conclusion, we must pay attention to the scope of its adaptability. Any thing into a different background would have different assessments. Clothing aesthetic is the same, although the “clean, neat” is the dress with one of the most basic principles, but “to get clothes” and certainly make their own change is mentally handicapped. Results at the end of the lesson is: you can clean and dress a good impression; clothing aesthetic appreciation should be combined with the background and people to consider their environment. Therefore, with the individual, if it is in difficult labor environment (such as coal workers), will bring on a clean dress diplomatic trouble.

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