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Dallas Liposuction

What Are The Risks Of Having Laser Liposuction? Having laser liposuction can be a benefit to you in several ways. This surgical procedure is used to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat from different areas of your body. It is mildly invasive and usually does not require hospitalization. It is not a lengthy procedure; the average time is about one to two hours, depending on how many targeted areas will be treated. With a laser liposuction, local anesthesia is administered. The surgeon will make a few incisions in the targeted area(s). The purpose of having this surgical procedure is to remove the remaining pockets of fat in such as way that you are not directly affected by it in a major way. Laser energy is used to melt the pockets of fat. The surgeon uses a cannula (a very thin tube) to remove the fat which by now has turned into liquid, hence the very thin tube. Having laser liposuction is usually pretty safe and patients have been pleased with the outcome. However, there are a very few in number that may experience side effects and risks. Here are some of the risks that can happen with this surgical procedure:

* Burning of the skin due to the laser that is used to turn the fat into liquid.

* An infection can occur during the procedure where the surgeon placed an incision; an infection can also occur in the skin.

* The skin can be bruised and swollen due to the laser liposuction procedure.

* Delayed numbing can occur with this surgical procedure; the cause can be from damaged nerves.

* There is usually bleeding with any surgical procedure; however, the risk is decreased with laser liposuction.

* After the procedure, there can be loose skin even though your skin should be tightened.

* There are certain areas of the body that can experience organ damage, such as the abdomen and the buttocks. Even though it is highly unlikely that these risks will affect a lot of people, patients should always be informed about everything regarding any type of surgery, including laser liposuction. Patients should consult with their surgeon about what they can do to lessen the occurrence of risks in regard to this surgical procedure. Sometimes these risks can come about because patients did not fully prepare themselves prior to having the surgical procedure.

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