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Divine Beauty

I used to live this Utopian life where each day was a day to discover myself and the beauty and wonder of life and living. My obligations were loving and co-creating with my children, with nature, with ideas and words, with luscious food, with clients and friends … on my time table. The gentleman whom I was seeing at the time (and still am-check out what he has to say at my website) used to appreciatively call me a “luxurious darling”. He was right; I felt like the lusciously vital subject of a famous 19th century painter, luxuriously reclined back on a divan with the sense of awe curling my tongue.

Our belief that the source of joy is material objects is full of illusion. If this belief were to be true all material pleasures would have given satiation to all mankind in an equal manner. Or else all of mankind would have attained eternal joy without a speck of sorrow by now. Today all over the world we find people who have amassed plenty of wealth and grandeur and yet their lives are full of despair, agony and hopelessness. These material objects (TV, computer, cars, aircrafts, AC, movies etc) do not help in alleviating their pain and sorrow in a permanent manner.

Words fail to describe this enchanting place. Yes, indeed it is a magical place. There can be many names for this place – the land of beauty, the land of bounty, the land of culture, the land of spirituality, the land of exotic cuisine, the land of smiles, or the land of excitement!

Food is considered divine here because you can get variety of food, ranging from roadside vendors selling chicken and sausages to even grasshoppers and cockroaches. As unbelievable the range of food may sound, it is true. So, brace yourself to be the connoisseur of all kinds of food if you plan to visit Thailand.

Jammu Kashmir tourism is affectionately dubbed as the best holiday destination for adventure seekers, nature lovers, honeymooners, wildlife lovers and even routine vacationers. Almost every city of this heavenly state boasts of offering matchless beauty. Patnitop, 112 km from Jammu, is one such hill resort on a splendid plateau that offers thickly wooded forests, superb picnic spots, tranquil and serene walks, panoramic River Chenab and magnificent views of the snow clad peaks.

The prominent attractions in Patnitop, which draw countless tourists from all over the world, are:

* Three exotic ice-cold freshwater springs that are said to have medicinal properties.

* Colourful and aromatic flowery meadows that make it a superb place for walks & picnic.

* A 6-hole golf course, which will be expanded to 9-holes very soon.

* Sudh Mahadev, one of the sacred Hindu pilgrimages.

While on Ladakh tourism you will come across a number of high mountain passes and significant terminals of the highways. These passes are generally preferred as night halts and starting points for mountaineering expeditions. A few of them are famous for lime stone masses while some are known for spellbinding natural beauty and spectacular views of the colourful hills & mountains of the Karokoram, Zanaskar and Ladakh ranges. The Indus river and its tributary Zanskar is one of the striking beauty of this place. The best natural attraction here is the ‘Magnetic Hill’, where you can see for yourself vehicles moving up at a speed of 20 km/hour with the engines off.

Alleppey – the commercial and industrial centre for the coir industry and for cashew nut processing – is the city for beautiful blue lagoons, canals, backwaters and beaches. Entitled as the ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey or Alappuzha lets you enjoy a closer look at various exclusive species of aquatic life including frogs, crabs and mudskippers, water birds such as cormorant, darter, kingfisher and animals such as turtles and otters live in and alongside the Alleppy backwaters.

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