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Embodying Beauty

Although many companies over the years have tried their hands at crystal chandeliers, no one could near to the excellence of Schonbek. One of their latest products that combine a bare bulb with an arrangement of Swarvosky crystals will tell you a story of collaboration of the world’s finest designers and most skillful engineers.

Schonbek products find their place from world’s finest, expensive restaurant to corporate lobbies of multinationals. For architects and interior decorators, it is a name to vouch on when the need is to render a new look to a home. Such is the beauty of their products that many customers buy their crystal lighting products not for lighting but only for decoration. For many, the mere act of sitting down and turning on a rock crystal lamp from Schonbek, guarantees a way to a new dimension of sublimity.

Scarlett, 24, is taking over from Penelope Cruz, who had a four-season run with the Barcelona-based clothing company. Fittingly enough, both actresses starred in Woody Allen’s flick Vicky Christina Barcelona! Scarlett posed in new Mango designs during the photo shoot by the renowned photographer Mario Sorrenti at Los Angeles. The shoot happened under the style guidance of Damian Sanchez, Mango’s Creative Director and Board Member with Hair and make-up by Bob Recine and Aaron de Mey. This season, Mango’s new collection would be influenced by the wild 80’s. Little bold look with emphasized shoulders in suits, jackets and outerwear. Keeping the silhouettes narrow at the bottom half, skin-fit trousers, leggings and pencil skirts are the key styles presented by Mango for the coming season.

In order for Man and the Universe to be understood as well as all the phenomena that occurs therein, it is necessary to consider the so-called “abstract” and “occult” principles that was once in the domain of Religion and Philosophy–and this should be conducted in a scientific, systematic, rational and metaphysical manner. If Science is to discover the Ultimate Truth, it must not neglect its investigations into the subtle realms. By claiming that these realms or soul-phenomena do not exist for they cannot be perceived by the objective senses or monitored by instruments is prejudicial and scientifically irrational, as there are many things such as electromagnetic energies, certain gases, cosmic rays, etc. that we are unable to directly perceive and was once undetectable by instruments.

1) The higher realities must be investigated through the higher faculties of the soul, through a higher consciousness or through an altered state of awareness.

2) That which is not perceived through the objective senses does not imply its non-existence, even to a psychic’s failure of perception, for they may simply be “out-of-range.”

3) That the diversity and inconsistency of recorded paranormal phenomena do not indicate its non-validity as it may well be that the nature of the higher worlds reflect the influential instability or fluctuations of the investigator’s mind, thoughts, and feelings.

4) That the mind moulds reality, whether physical or non-physical out of the energies of its internal and ambient environment.

5) That Cosmic or natural laws with possible mathematical formulation apply in the subtle realms as they apply here in the physical.

well at least figuratively speaking! At Leena Mogre’s Fitness, the eponymous gym, she conducted a session for Bone Density Test which saw models Candice Pinto, Diandra Soares and television actors Makrand Deshpande, Prachi Desai and the likes volunteer. “We have a member who is an orthopedic surgeon”, says Leena, “his name is Dr. Rakesh Nair. He is the one who organised this seminar.” She goes on to explain that it is a painless, two min procedure carried out by a specialist who knows how to operate a bone density meter. “Bones form your endoskeleton and lay the foundation to your body, but we tend to take them for granted. A nutritious and healthy living is extremely crucial to maintain high bone density levels.”

Next ingredient is Radix Paeoniae Alba, which has many medicinal properties. It restrains the hyperactivity of liver and improves the quality of blood. It also controls menstruation and ensures that the person is not suffering from excessive perspiration. It also provides a remedial solution to dizziness and headache and relieves abdominal and costal pain. It improves the quality of blood by eradicating the causes that leads to anemia. Sinensis Rhizoma helps in clearing the skin and gives skin a fair complexion. It also supports the phagocytes and regulates the functions related to adrenal cortex. It provides protection to liver and helps in the proper secretion of gastric juice and bile.

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