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Essential Beauty On A Budget

How to look like you came from the beauty salon without ever leaving home!
Everyone knows how important waxing is in order to look and feel your best. Nothing gives your face more of a clean appearance more than shaping your eyebrows. Some women have to do this once every two weeks or once a month. This sometimes becomes time consuming having to make appointments, going to the Beauty Salon and not to mention how much money you spend on these waxing procedures.

Most Beauty Salons have an Aesthetics specialist, who has training in waxing techniques. Asimple brow waxing can take about 5-10 minutes, but depending on the Salon it can cost you anywhere from $8-$50.
So, let’s take a look at what you may spend on Eyebrow waxing alone:
Let’s say you have a Salon that does this service for $15
$15 X 2 brow waxes per month = $30
$30 per Month X 12 months = $360 per year
That’s a lot of money per year just for eyebrow waxing.
If you are a busy Mother and don’t have time to run out to the Beauty Salon every two weeks, or once a month, you may resort to good old plucking with a pair of tweezers. This is effective, but time consuming and very painful.

I recommend purchasing a professional waxing kit to use at home! These kits cost anywhere from $40 – $150, but last for a long time and you can purchase refills if you run out. You can also purchase smaller waxing kits at the local pharmacy, but the professional ones work best. It is also very important to purchase a pair of good tweezers for plucking out the stray hairs left behind by waxing.
Having this kit in your bathroom will give you the opportunity to wax your brows whenever you please. You can also use it to wax your legs, arms, upper lip or whatever you need waxed. It is very easy to do yourself and it will save you time and money.
The average leg waxing price is $50 – consider having to do this monthly.
$50 X 12 months = $600
$600 + $360 for Brow waxing = $960 per year
Think of what you could do with $960.
Not to mention all the time it takes you to go to these appointments.
Never Waxed your own eye brows before? Be brave, it’s easy. There’s only one rule – Never wax above the eyebrow, wax below the eyebrow to shape the brow. Don’t worry, most waxing kits come with instructions, and if not.. there are many online guides to give you the proper “how to wax” instructions.
With one of these professional home waxing kits, you can save money and look Salon perfect everyday without ever having to leave home.

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