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Exotic Beauty Products From The Dead Sea

Without a doubt, one of the liveliest business and investment ventures rocking the health and beauty industries today is the ancient, venerable Dead Sea.

From mineral-rich black mud body masques to health treatments in thermo-mineral springs and the Dead Sea brine, the region’s abundant cosmetological and therapeutic natural resources are truly legendary.

Cleopatra knew well the value of the naturally beautifying and restorative products that came from the Dead Sea region. She so coveted the bounty of the mineral-laden bath salts, the skin-revitalizing mud baths and the intoxicating balsamic perfumes extracted from the oases that her lover, Marc Anthony, led his troops into a fierce and bloody war to secure the region for his beautiful Queen.
And Cleopatra herself built the very first Dead Sea cosmetic facilities. Visitors to Ein Bokek and the Biblical, historic Ein Gedi can still see the bones of those factories today.

What makes Dead Sea products so clinically beneficial is their source — a unique mix of solar radiation, an oxygen-rich atmosphere and geological features unlike any other on earth.

Flanked by mountains to its east and west, the heavily saline Dead Sea is cradled in a deep, sealed basin with hot, arid air above its surface. More than 400 meters below sea level, the Sea takes in water and mineralized run-off from mountain streams and alluvial springs, but loses the water rapidly to evaporation.

The resultant residue of leeched minerals and thick salts has long been used the world over to relieve the effects of muscle pains, psoriasis and other human ills.

The mineral cocktail produced in the Dead Sea waters and absorbed into the human body is believed to help skin to literally regenerate.

Today, the Dead Sea’s reputation as a healer, revitalizer, replenisher and therapy treatment is thriving. Visitors travel to the Holy Land the year-round to bask on the sunny beaches and luxuriate or heal at one of the many top-quality day spas and treatment centers.

Today’s Dead Sea products aficionados are finding that Cleopatra was right on the target about the value and effectiveness of the region’s bounty!

Based on years of scientific testing, manufacturers report their products will smooth wrinkles, revitalize the skin’s appearance, relieve muscle tension and cure acne.

There are also products to stimulate, cleanse and tighten skin, shrink large pores, rejuvenate hair luster, moisturize dry skin and give a healthy glow to whatever body part is enjoying treatment.

Among the many different types of Dead Sea beauty and pharmaceutical products marketed today are:

  • Therapeutic Black Mud masks, soaps, hair restorer, body cleansers, pain relievers, dry-skin treatments and scalp treatments. Many firms also market the mineral-rich mud as a topical application to relieve soreness caused by inflamed muscles.
  • Dead Sea mineral-based shampoos, conditioners and anti-dandruff treatments
  • Dead Sea bath gels, shower gels, foot spas, foot creams, sun screens, skin toners, and astringents for oily skin
  • Dead Sea chloride salts rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine and bromide
  • Balsam-based cosmetics, perfumes and medicines.
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