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Free Beauty Salon Business Plan Advice

Here and there on the web you will find business plan samples and templates advertised as free for your beauty salon business plan. Generally, working off of such a “free” business plan is no shortcut towards creating a successful plan and here is why:

Customization Needed

For any template or sample plan there is a need to customize the plan to your specific business. This can be a much longer process if you are starting from a lower quality template or sample plan. You are more likely to find a better quality plan by paying for it, even if it is only $50-100.

Additional Guidance

Generally, the creators of a free plan will not have an organization behind them able to give additional consulting and recommendations on how to craft your beauty salon’s plan. Getting help like this is very important for all small business owners. It can prevent you from choosing the wrong strategy or opening in a location without a large enough customer market for your salon. A business plan consultant can help answer these types of questions if you are unable to, but you cannot get that kind of help for free.

Reputation, Not Price

When choosing a sample or template plan to work off of, you should consider the reputation and credentials of the creator of the plan first, before the price that is being charged. A free plan can potentially hurt your chances of success if it shows you an incorrect business plan model. If you use a plan with basic mistakes in its format, style, or content to show funders, you will generally not get a second chance. They will not want to work with someone whose plan is not clear, concise and convincing, regardless of whether it is because of the entrepreneur’s own ideas or the business plan template they used.

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