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Health Concerns of Wearing Makeup

A little dab of rouge. A little smear of lipstick. A little swish of mascara. Now you look like a beauty queen! Wearing makeup can be fun. It can make you feel beautiful. When you feel the part, you usually act it! So what can be wrong with wearing makeup? Usually nothing. Here are some tips that will keep you both physically and mentally healthy.

Mentally healthy? Whatever could she mean? Keep in mind, makeup does not make you beautiful. It only enhances your beauty. Let’s face it, if you put makeup on a hamster, it’s going to look like a hamster. A funny hamster, but a hamster. Not something I would want to date. Some people can become dependent on makeup. I used to be like that. I would never go out it public without makeup on. I hardly ever let anyone see me without makeup even if I was home. When people did see me without makeup they would say, “Wow, I have never seen you without makeup!” What they meant was “Wow, I have never seen you without makeup!” What I heard was ” Girl you’re scaring me, go put your face on!” It’s not healthy to think that way. If you think makeup makes you pretty, it is because you are, with or without.

What about the physical health? Your skin needs to breathe! Even with today’s newest and lightest makeups available you still need to wash it off and let your skin breathe. Also keep in mind that makeup does not last long at all. Wearing makeup that you have had for a long time (yes even if your favorite lipstick has been discontinued) can be dangerous to your health. Molds and bacteria start to form on lipsticks, mascara and anything moist. Even powdered blushes and and eyeshadow can hold bacteria on them, once your brush or fingers have touched them. This can cause eye infections, skin disorders and even illness throughout your whole body. So make sure you replace them often. Moist makeup should be replaced every 1-3 months. Powders every 6 months.

So have fun with your makeup. Remember, less it more! Even if that little hottie down the street sees you without makeup, hold your head up high and remember, you’re beautiful baby!

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