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Imagine Making Money As Beauty

Are you in the job maket now…?
Are you looking to get involved in the latest beauty or fashion trends…?
Imagine this for a minute – Have you ever found yourself giving some really good sound advise to your friends and family on “how to do their hair” or what outfit
to wear or even make-up tips.
I’ll bet you have…and I’ll bet you’ve even been told you were really good at it,

If so then Im going to tell you how a career as a beauty consultant may be right up your alley.
Not only can you make good money as a beauty consultant,but this is a career that
can eventually lead to you owning your own business.

Now you’re probably wondering what a beauty consultant does…It’s not that difficult!
Basically you’re going to be giving paid advise to your clients on how to wear
their hair for special occasions or on a daily basis…how to apply make-up,what colors match with skin tone and even sometimes even clothing advise,it really is that

Obviously every client will vary so make sure you do your research before you begin as a beauty consultant. Keep reading bcause in a moment I’m going to tell you how to get paid as a beauty consultant.

But first you’re going to want to look for work…Lets get right to it!
1.Advertise in th Newspaper-Do not underestimate this!
2.Talk to family and friends to see if their moms or dads may need your servise.
3.Check out Beauty salons/Beauty supply stores- inquire within and express your desires.
4.Advertise in the newspaper about your servise and what your intentions and prices are.

Now about Pricing…
First things First!
Find what your competition is charging and try to keep in the same line to be Fair.( Do some research )
Once you find out what fair value is come up with your own pricing structure(it’s your business)
If you want to make $20 an hr. and its fair…then charge it…again,do your research

One final final piece of advise…Don’t forget to do additional research on “Beauty Consultation Business”.Arm yourself with knowledge
so you can shoot your competition Down!

by Bill G.

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