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Laser Lipo Texas

Laser Lipo your Double Chin Away The newest most modern liposuction treatment available is laser lipo. Laser lipo uses lasers for liposuction treatments. The result is firmer skin without scarring. This treatment and requires no stitching and is completed in the surgeon’s office while the patient is awake. Laser lipo is effective in removing fat deposits from under the jaw line. This treatment is an excellent way to remove years of age from your face. A heavy neck and a double chin add years of age to an individual’s life. You can look twenty years younger following a simple laser lipo treatment. The treatment itself requires no bandaging and the healing process is quick and easy. You can look your very best by transforming your face and removing excess aging and fat deposits. The excess fat that often develops around the chin and neck is usually genetic and simply shows up as you age. Because it is genetic this fat usually resists dieting and exercise but it can be removed effectively and safely with laser lipo. Your entire jaw line can be transformed with several small incisions that allow a tiny cannula and sophisticated lasers to remove the fat and to tighten the skin. One to three days of rest is all that is required following the surgery. Some patients have stated, “All in all, I would do it over in a heartbeat” and “The the down time was nothing, I was back to work the next day.” Laser lipo is safe for several reasons. Doctors only use local anesthetic while performing laser liposuction and this eliminates the high risk associated with general anesthesia.

There is little to no blood loss during or following the surgery. There are also no unsightly scars. Laser lipo is a same day cosmetic surgery without the bruising and potential complications usually associated with traditional liposuction treatments. Laser lipo or smart lipo is an excellent alternative to costly traditional liposuction. The laser liposuction treatment will use two very small incisions to remove the excess fat from between the skin and the muscle along the jaw line. The skin will tighten and firm as this fat is removed. Your jaw line will be transformed and the fat will be removed easily and simply through laser lipo.

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