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Laser Sculpture Texas

Laser Sculpture Cost is Affordable Is your wardrobe limited because of your body shape? Have you often stood in front of the mirror and looked at various parts of your body and said three inches here and four inches here and two inches here simply need to be removed for the shape that you desire? Have exercise and dieting simply not affected those areas that need to be slimmed down? Thigh fat, stomach fat, arm fat and even breast fat for men are some of the most common body areas that are slimmed down with a laser sculpture treatment. The treatment is completed with smart lipo treatments done on each area of your choice. Smart lipo is liposuction that is completed without the pain and intensive surgery of traditional liposuction. You are awake during the laser liposuction treatments to the various preselected parts of the body. When more than one laser liposuction treatment is done at one time it is considered laser sculpture surgery. The cost of laser lipo is much less than that of traditional liposuction. The fat is melted with laser liposuction and then drained out from under the skin rather than broken up and then sucked out as it is with traditional liposuction. Liposuction is completed with lasers for a complete laser sculpture treatment. This treatment can be completed on various parts of the body that often show signs of excess fat such as the chin and jowls, the upper arms, the thighs, the knees, the belly, the back and the buttocks.

Laser sculpture costs are determined by how many areas are selected for the total body makeover. Your surgeon can help you keep the cost within your budget. The cost of cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by health insurance however your surgeon may offer assistance through payment plans or may be associated with a banking facility that gives loans to their patients. During the laser sculpture procedure you will be awake and you not be put under general anesthesia. Because there is no need to be put to sleep the cost of the procedure is greatly reduced from traditional liposuction. You will be given local anesthetics in each area of focus and you will be awake throughout the entire procedure. Being awake rather than asleep will lessen risks that are normally associated with aesthesia as well as the high costs and the need for a hospital stay. The entire procedure will be completed in about an hour or so and the patient is able to go home immediately afterwards. There is no scaring as each incision is very small and done in a way that leaves no scaring. There is no extra cost for missed work as there is simply a need to take one or two days off rather than several weeks as with invasive surgery. The cost of a total body laser sculpture is made affordable today.

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