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LiposuctionGuide: Brigitte Nielsen Transformation

Traditional Liposuction Versus Laser LiposuctionaE”What’s The Difference? Liposuction is a surgical procedure in where fat is removed from your body. Laser liposuction also removes fat from your body. The difference between the two in regard to removing fat is that traditional liposuction requires more incisions in your body and is more invasive. On the other hand, the latter is mildly invasive and only requires a few small incisions. Plus, this procedure will melt the fat and remove it without it being a very traumatic experience. With traditional liposuction, a vacuum is used to absorb the fat and remove it from your body. Once the fat is removed, there will be some excess skin left. That will require an additional surgical procedure to get rid of the skin. The laser liposuction surgical procedure uses a laser to take care of both the fat and the skin in one setting. With this, you will not need separate surgical procedures for the fat and excess skin. Traditional liposuction uses incisions where the skin folds and where your clothing can hide them. The surgeon will have to use general anesthesia for this procedure. For laser liposuction, the fat breaks up through the skin and melts. The melted fat is sucked out within a small incision, using a cannula. A cannula is a small, thin tube that is used for this purpose. There are times when the traditional and laser liposuction procedures work in concert with each other. The traditional liposuction will remove the majority of the fat; the laser liposuction will remove the remaining pockets of fat that were difficult to remove with the traditional procedure. Traditional liposuction costs more because general anesthesia is used and it involves more work. With laser liposuction, local anesthesia is used and it only takes a short time to perform the procedure (45 aE” 60 minutes). The patient is awake and alert during the laser liposuction. This helps in regard to the time for their healing and recovery, which is usually short. There is minimal pain and swelling. The patient usually gets to go home that same day. It takes longer for a person that has had a traditional liposuction. There is more pain, swelling and bruising because the procedure is more invasive. The patient can usually go back to work after a week of having this done. While there are differences between the two, one of the main goals is for the patient to be able to maintain their body weight after the surgical procedure is performed.

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