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The rare combination of beauty with brains, the gorgeous designer has taken Indian fashion to a different label. Her foray into French fashion has won many accolades has added yet another first to her credentials by becoming the first Indian designer to be invited to participate at the much awaited fashion soiree, The Debutant Ball held annually at Paris. Find the designer herself in conversation with, Even when not showing elsewhere, why did you show at the Gitanjali Luxury Style fest in Dec 08 in Mumbai, almost a year before WIFW. Yeah…I did it, I felt that I should go ahead with it and hence just did it. No strategies involved the day and time suited me and so did it. Your show at WIFW was like a comeback show for you, what preparations did you have to make it grand. I will never call my show at WIFW as my comeback show because I never disappeared from the Indian fashion industry. I have no clues why everyone is naming it as my comeback show? Since my collection was inspiring and loads of hard work has gone in it, so over all the show was well presented and by God’s grace it was a success. Bollywood incursion is often frivolous, how do you justify Abhay Deol walking the ramp with you? He was not my show stopper.

He walked because he is a good friend. But there really is no one like Abhay – he is so cool, so himself, totally relaxed, adventurous, young and presents a modern India. There’s no one better I could have brought. With the height and body that you are blessed with, why do not you consider modelling your own clothes. Never ever did that thought cross my mind…I always wanted to be the creator and may be not the presenter. My inclination was more towards designing so…and now, it’s too late. What was the thought behind the launch of Beri Baby collection? After my daughter’s birth, I realized that in India kids wear is only constrained to ready-to-wear, so thought of coming out with a line of occasional wear dresses for the toddlers. You were the first Asian designer to head the French fashion brand, Scherrer and now again you are the first Indian designer to represent India at The Debutant ball, Le Ball held annually at Paris. How was the journey like.

My journey can be defined as exciting with loads of hard work. It’s not like I had a smooth path of success, even I saw those bad days which everyone tastes during their journey of life. I went through testing periods…but since I really wanted to make it big and grand so made it. My work has always been appreciated in Paris, already retailing through couple of stores there…so may be that why they chose me this year to be a part of Le Ball. Why did you choose Kashmiri princess, Adishree Singh to represent the gown designed by you at Le Ball.

My work always aims at presenting the Indian sensibility with a tint of modernity and urbaneness. I will be representing India and will make her look modern with some Indian touch. The sole focus is to retain modernity but still showcasing the real Indian fashion. Adishree will be presenting India in all its glory wearing a dramatic skirt and blouse. What is the design philosophy that you maintain while design? Fashion is eternal. The roots of fashion go deep into the yester years. Fashion can never be projected by restricting it to clothes. instead it should go beyond clothes to beauty, hair, footwear and other accessories. It reflects our personality, hence should be very comfortable and what you believe in. How would you describe the growth of the Indian fashion industry in the past decade.

Today, the Indian fashion industry has undergone a metamorphosis. People within and outside the fashion industry has started taking it as a serious profession. It has grown on a large scale and has achieved its recognition on the global platform too earlier India hardly had any fashion schools, but today parents are also eyeing this as a respected professional and hence encouraging their kids. The fashion bodies are also playing a great role, promoting emerging talents is a great task and on top of it, maintaining a consistency is also very pivotal. Do you think that the Indian fashion industry cannot work according to the 6 months projection time unlike the global fashion world? Indian fashion is specific to India and its seasonal cycles. We have a long summer and a very small period of winters…so definitely, six month projection does not work that well with the Indian fashion industry. Future plans? For the time being it’s only Le Ball at Paris, rest you will get to know about as things will start coming up.

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