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Marble Tiles – From Centuries Till Date

Marble is a class by itself. If its beauty is taken in account you will surely find no words to describe. Its unparallel beauty has managed to gather great favor and appreciation from architectural society. Its timeless beauty radiates an air of aristocracy and luxury, making people intrigued for Marble stone. This stone has marked its presence in many forms. Marble sculptures celebrating moral souls have become an excellent way of memorizing great people. Usage of Marble tiles in forts, palaces and in different old royal structures has made them an integral way of defining aristocracy. They speak volume of about the art, culture and heritage of the bygone era.

Considering the same, modern architectures still prefer Marble tile for any place to be decorated in tactile way. Earlier using marble in the form of tile was not easy. Tools like chisels, hammers and hand drills were used to get polished look. The process was very rigorous and time consuming. Fortunately, we have many easier ways of enjoying the beauty of Marble tile at present. Modern technology and techniques are proving to be blessings for us which has made Marble possible to be installed at any house. While these tiles are a unique way of expressing beauty they also encompass many functional features.

Marble tiles are popular as a durable tile. Their longevity can be realized with the fact that sculptures and structures made from Marble are still standing tall. Their strength has been challenged by many natural calamities but they managed to retain their beauty as it is. Hence, they are used to the places irrespective of foot traffic and weight of furniture. It can withstand any weighty object for any length of time. Also, maintaining them is not an issue. Usual mopping and sweeping is enough to retain their grace. This is precisely why they are used for flooring and countertops which requires a lot of strength.

However, these are porous material which can absorb moist. Hence, they are usually not preferred for wet areas. As prolong deposit of moist on the surface can create the chances for germs and bacteria, Marble has to be keep dry all the time. Their sophistry beauty does not come cheap. They are quite costlier than other tiles in the market due to the aforesaid reasons but the very same reasons make them adorable among the home owners and architectures. Marble tile had remained and will always remain as primary choice of people who look for aristocratic beauty.

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