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Natural Beauty, Unusual Homes and Landmarks Well-Loved in Oregon

Oregon has big, beautiful homes, houses with panoramic views of the mountains, real estate that overlooks the ocean, houses in the forest, homes in cities, and rural, urban, and suburban houses. There’s a little bit of everything in this magnificent state – real estate to suit every taste, style and budget.

Oregon also has some unusual homes for the free spirits who prefer unique over typical, creative over traditional.

The first amazing home in Oregon can be found in Hillsboro, located in the Northwest part of the state right outside of Portland. A 727-jetliner sits on the edge of wine country, far away from any airports or runways. The plane was miraculously moved by the owner who has a dream of eventually transformation to an abode that’s bug free, fire proof, and able to survive extreme weather.

Also in the Northwest corner of the state in the town of Clatskanie is The Flippin Castle, built by the owner of a sawmill who had – until that point – lived in crude shacks. The home owner took “A Man’s Home is His Castle” to heart and designed the family’s home to look like a castle. Today, no one lives there but the real estate is open to tours.

The Vista House is a landmark that looks nothing like a house or a home, but with architectural beauty enough to merit mention. Located in North Central Oregon, the attraction overlooks the Columbia River Gorge and features Tokeen Alaskan marble, pink and light cream Kosota limestone, and hand carved water fountains. The visitor center honors the natural beauty of the gorge, with poems engraved on the pillars including this Chinook invocation,

“We call upon the mountains,
the Cascades and the Olympics,
the high green valleys
and meadows filled with wildflowers,
the snows that never melt,
the summits of intense silence,
and we ask that they
Teach us, and show us the Way.”

Where one landmark embraces natural beauty, another in West Central Oregon attracts some visitors who seek the macabre. The Heceta Head Lighthouse Keepers House is said to be haunted by a female spirit named Rue. She made herself known in the 1970’s and some locals believe she may have been the wife an assistant light keeper during the 1890s. She drowned herself in despair after her daughter drowned and now roams the lighthouse searching for her lost daughter.

Whether you are seeking a vacation to one of the most beautiful states or wish to settle down, the local real estate provides many choices of things to do and places to see.

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