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Not Just For Salons

Beauty products are items everyone utilizes regularly. From shampoo to makeup, skin care to anti-persperant, the kinds of products we use seems endless. With prices varying from $1 for a tube of lip gloss to hundreds of dollars for luxury perfumes, these personal grooming items can take up a giant amount of our budget, and with the down-turned economy, it seems only normal to figure out how to make some cutbacks. But rather than cut back the number of items you use or the quality of products you purchase, consider instead buying wholesale beauty products.

As a general rule, only retail markets and salons order wholesale beauty products. There are a few reasons behind that, but the cardinal culprit is the bulk needed. In order to make sure they get the low cost that makes purchasing wholesale such a steal, the company has to buy a lot. Retail markets are able to raise the price and turn around and resale single units to shoppers. Salons can do the same, as well as use the product themselves on a regular basis, so for them, buying wholesale make sense. But the normal person can’t afford to purchase nor house 1,000+ tubes of conditioner, so purchasing wholesale is out of the picture.

However, times have changed. And while some wholesalers still have a minimum order requirement, more and more wholesale distributors are vending their products at their low wholesale price straight to consumers with no requirement to buy in bulk. Buy as little or as much as you can afford, you still qualify for the same low price. The most reliable method to find these wholesalers is on-line. A few may have a minimum requirement for orders taken over the phone, and most will have a minimum requirement to qualify for free shipping. But if you are able to take the time researching on-line, there are wonderful wholesale beauty product bargains to find.

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