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Phoenix Lipo

Phoenix Liposuction A laser produces heat and therefore is a great tool to use in surgery as opposed to a knife. It has been used in surgery for a while in the United States, for eyes, skin and teeth. It is replacing the scalpel during surgery due to it offering low risk of infection and other complications. The advantage is that lasers can cut and cauterize at the same time, which results in less bleeding to virtually no bleeding. Shorter laser wavelengths deliver more precise cuts and are useful for eye surgery, but mid to high wavelengths work better for larger areas. Fat removal requires a mid-wavelength laser to remove enough quantities of fat from stubborn body areas. Laser liposuction or SmartLaser is uses a laser to melt fat and then remove it. It is less painful and requires little to no down time due to gentle deliver, small incision point and removing fat in a liquid form. Swelling and bruising are practically non-existent and patients are back on their feet within three hours in an out patient setting. Phoenix Lipo uses laser liposuction with just a local anesthetic, so the patient remains awake. This makes for a far less scary procedure. Dr. Hall inserts a tiny cannula, similar to a tiny hollowed out needle and equipped with a laser, is then inserted under the skin. The laser gently melts the fat to a liquid form and the cannula suctions it out.

The incision point is tiny and does not require stitches, so scars are virtually invisible. Recovery time is quick and relatively painless. Because of the absence of pain, blood and scarring, patients are able to resume normal activity within 48 hours. Fat removed through laser liposuction is permanent at Phoenix Lipo. We do not produce more fat cells in adulthood. What we got is what we got. So once those fat cells are removed, they do no grow back. This however, does not give you free reign to eat whatever you want. Your fat cells in other areas are still there and will still grow if you abuse food, causing you another fat storage problem. Surgery to remove fat should be used as a last resort after diet and exercise and post surgery patients should continue with diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. .

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