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Simple Makeup Steps For Busy Women

Generally women are symbol of beauty but it is important for women to more beautify herself. Every woman wants to look beautiful that too in public places. But not everyone have time to go to parlors to beautify them and especially working women’s run short of time while getting ready to office. So that women’s don’t have time to go and find best beauty parlor. So here I provide you some easy tips to a simple makeup to get ready to office or parties. Why want to go to parlors you can quickly and easily finish off your makeup in home with less time.

Simple Home made make up tips :

1.) Before starting your makeup you should clean your face thoroughly. Use your soap or face wash gel to wash your face.

2.) After washing dry your face with a soft towel.

3.) Cleanse your face using some gentle cleansers. By cleansing your face you can remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and it helps to clean the dirt deep inside the pores. But while selecting a cleanser you have to be very careful. Go for gentle facial cleansers that are suitable for all skin types.

4.) After cleansing wash your face with water and dry your face.

5.) Apply a suitable toner. Opt astringent toner to close your pores which normally opens after cleansing. Apply little amount of toner to the cotton sponge and rub evenly on your face. Leave it until pat dry.

6.) When the skin is cool and moist apply a gentle moisturizer which is suitable for your skin type. For example if your skin is oily use oil free moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to keep your face hydrate and moist.

7.) If you are using any eye cream apply that first.

8.) If you have any issues in your face like dark spots, age spots, acne mark, or hyper pigmentation you can use a concealer. But concealer should be a lighter shade than your foundation. Select a concealer that suits the color of your foundation.

9.) Now apply foundation. There are two types of foundation one is liquid type and one is cream type. You can select the one which will work best for your skin type. The women with dry skin can go for cream foundation. Be careful while selecting the color of the foundation that will match your skin tone. Take little foundation in your finger tips and apply in your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose carefully and blend it evenly in your face or you can use sponge to blend.

10.) Use powder. Powder is not only useful for coating but also helps to set the concealer and foundation. It also helps the foundation and concealer to stand longer. You can use pressed or loose powder as per your convenience. But give a even finish you can also use a brush to apply powder evenly.

11.) You have to start with eye shadows for your eyes. Select a perfect eye shadow which matches your skin tone and dress. Take a soft eye shadow brush and wipe it lightly in the one which you have selected and gently sweep on your eyelids.

12.) The next step is to apply eyeliner. Now we can get a eyeliner with a thin brush that is more convenient to use and give a good finish.

13.) Next after applying the eyeliner is to apply the mascara to the upper and lower lashes. You can get mascaras in all shades. But black is the color that suits everyone and all types & colors of dresses.

14.) Blush your cheeks it is much important. It makes your cheeks and your face bright. Select a natural color or light color like the color of your palm to blush your face.

15.) As final steps of your makeup process we are going to finish it off with the lips. While selecting a lipstick we should be careful that the lipstick should suite the skin makeup, your outfit and your skin tone. Use lip gloss it helps to protect your lips soft and to give a shining finish to your lips.

16.) It you need apply a lip liner suitable for your lipstick after applying the lip gloss. But use a lip liner if your lips are thin.

This is very simple make up method, any one can follow this easily, but the think is you should select the suitable beauty products that suited for your skin type. If you have any queries about beauty, makeup or want to choose best products then you can post your questions in social networking or parenting sites like, and more, here you can see other mom’s suggestions and good solution for your problem.

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