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Spain – a Country Rich in Natural Beauty

Spain has many beautiful places to offer to a tourist so that he can spend his holiday in a very healthy and quiet environment and thereby have a relaxed mind and body. Most of the places of importance for tourists are rich in natural beauty, have places of historical importance, with all the modern facilities in an antique environment.

Altea is one such place, a village of the Alicante province located on the Levante beach of the Mediterranean Sea. This village offers the most spectacular view of the sea and the vast land with vast natural beauty. There is a hill just behind Altea and the hill is full of white houses. The most spectacular view of the hill can be had from the Albir beach. On the other hand, one can have the view of the beautiful sea from the top of the hill. The inhabitants of the village love their customs and they have great love and affection for the tourists. Interestingly, Altea has considerable number of people from Britain, Germany and Nordic countries who are staying there since a considerable period of time. There are many places of interest for the tourist and those include churches and parks and museums. Let us just go round the city.

The church Iglesia Virgen del Consuelo:

Perhaps those who built the church had great fascination for the vast Mediterranean Sea. The dome of the church is painted with blue color which is exactly symmetrical to the color of the water. This is one of oldest churches in the province of Alicante.

Natural picturesque scenery:

Just walk across the village, its narrow cobbled street and reach the top of the hill. One can see the breathtaking view of the most spectacular natural beauty never seen before in any part of the world. Go down the hill to reach the fisherman’s quarters. There are many parks which serve as places for relaxation.

Local festivals:

July 16, August 15 and end of September are the periods when local festivals are held. Thousands of people attend these festivals. Spectacular fireworks are a part of these festivals.


The Government of Spain has recognized certain hotels. Apart from that, there are many villas at reasonable rent.

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