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Ten Beneficial Beauty Skin Care Tips

The skin is the largest and one of the most intriguing organs of the body, accounting for 16 per cent of body weight.
The skin is repeatedly repairing and renewing itself. When you are young, the main skin complaints are oily skin and acne. But as you produce older, the skin gets dry and the challenge is to counteract the dryness of the skin. However, you can have beautiful casing no matter what your age, race or color. The secret is to comprehend how your skin functions, and to take care of it properly
As the chill weather clothes you with dry and moisture less dark skin, here are some beauty tips for glowing skin through out the year. Follow these home remedies and experience a glowing, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.
* A facemask of egg white and honey gently removes the tan from your face.
* Mix oats with honey, yogurt and ground almonds. Apply this in your face, leave it for five minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
* Cucumber is a natural cleanser. Mix cucumber juice with milk and use it instead of a cleanser.
* For oily skin, apply a mixture of grapes, lemon and egg white. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. While lemon acts as a natural cleanser, grapes will soften your skin and egg whites will tighten it. Don’t be alarmed if your skin tingles.
* Cut the lemon and rub the wedge all over your face. Leave it for about 20 minutes, then rinse off with cold water. This will refresh your face. Avoid doing this if you have dry skin.
* Mix honey, lemon and vegetable oil .This mixture is a good moisturiser for dry skin. Apply this mask for 10 minutes.
* Apply the mixture of honey and milk on the face . This will make your skin glow.
* Prepare a mask by mixing a slice of pumpkin with egg yolk and milk. Let this mask set on your face for 30 minutes for a glowing skin.
* Mix half-a-cup honey to your bath water for soft and smooth skin.
* For a soothing body pack, prepare a paste of mint leaves and almonds. Mix it with warm water and apply all over your body. Leave it till it dries and rinse with warm water.
Home Remedies for Skin Care
* Mash banana with milk and apply it on face . Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
* Make a fine paste of one teaspoon of walnut powder, lemon juice and honey. Scrub the body with the paste. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
* Make a paste of turmeric powder and orange juice. Scrub it on the area that is widely exposed to sun or cold weather. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it with cold water.
* A piece of papaya when applied to the face can do a similar magic.
* Boil cabbage in water and let the water cool overnight. Wash your face with this water early in the morning.
* Make a paste of powdered mango peels and 1 teaspoon of milk powder. Scrub it over the area that is widely exposed to sun or cold weather.

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