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The Mesmerizing Taj Mahal Tour

People are often curious to know as to when to make a tour to Taj Mahal, but the beauty of the Taj Mahal comes up as outstanding whenever you make a tour to Taj Mahal, whether its early morning or afternoon or evening but, its splendor during nighttime, especially during moonlit night. The Taj gives mesmerizing impressions at full moon lit.
The sight of the Taj Mahal in morning is unforgettable as the early rays falls on the white dome, the Taj Mahal looks pinkish, as the day passes it will give a milky white glow in the evening and gorgeous golden glow when the moon shines but nothing beats the poignant beauty of the Taj during full moonlit.
Though the Taj changes its manifestation at different hour of the day and with the passing of the season, the Taj Mahal at night is beyond the scope of words. Its stunning beauty at night has inspired many poets, writers and photographers.
The rays of the moon light up the entire white dome and lend it a faint silvery glow. Taj Mahal looks so mesmerizing on a full moon light that you will not even notice how the night passed and the sun came to bathe it in shades of pink.
Some time back, Supreme Court did allow opening of the Taj Mahal at night at specific months, but this practice has now been discontinued. Though making a tour to Taj Mahal during the full moon night is merely a dream now, but the Taj gives same outstanding look at any hour of the day.
Though we cannot visit Taj Mahal at night, one can capture its beauty at hour of the day. The Taj Mahal is open for public viewing on specific timings set by the Archaeological Survey of India. One can visit Taj Mahal at any day, except on Fridays and public holidays. One can see the amazing view of the Taj from 6:00 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. On Fridays, it is thrown open to public who come here to offers afternoon prayers.
One can make a Taj Mahal tour during winters as it is a favorable time as the climate of Agra is very pleasant. A Taj Mahal tour during this time will be a pleasant expedition to explore the hidden treasures of this Epitome of Love. But if you truly want to appreciate the beauty of Taj Mahal, spend at least one full day to view this dream marble beauty at different hour of the day.

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