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Travel in Sweden is Sweden’s best travel blog, and tourist site. You can find all the details related to tourism, hotels and various images Town. Living in Sweden is tough. Housing is very expensive as compared to other Scandinavian countries. Standard of living is the same throughout the country depending on the type of accommodation. Hotels are very costly as compare to find rooms outside the city. The apartments are mostly houses owned by the state and kept in an organized manner. The rooms are built to keep in mind about weather. Most of the buildings are built on high technology, with automatic cooling and heating systems that enable people to stay inside in any weather.

Kalmar, in the south-east of Sweden situated by the Baltic Sea. It’s a small city and surrounded by water. Few cities in Sweden has natural beach and Kalmar is one of them. During summer, a lot of people go there and do parties with families and friends. In Sweden, every city has its own kommun that is municipality, they organised this beach in a very good way. They provide the facility of grilling, playing beach volleyball and the small huts that I like very much. There is also the jumping pad, from there people jump in the water. The most attracting view of the castle situated close to the beach. It was built by the first King Magnus Ladulås in the beginning of eleventh century. It has five massive towers, which were built in 11 century. The castle has a lot of antics that were used by the different kings during their ruling periods. The thing that attracts me a lot was the old guns and different ammunitions used in the war saved from different centuries. Another exciting place is the Kalmar Museum, which has a lot of antics preserved since the last few centuries. It has a lot of golden crowns, old fashioned guns, mostly made up of wood and old paintings.

A lot of people came here from all around the world during summer and see the natural beauty of this place. If someone have planned to visit Kalmar try to book guest apartment three months before, because there is the shortage of apartments during summer. The city of Kalmar is known by its beauty of water that surrounds the whole city. During summer, people hire the boats and small ships and travel the whole city, this beauty attracts the tourist. Walking tracks and foot paths are lined with greenery and this beauty encourages the people to walk. When the shops and restaurants close, another life started with pubs, clubs and musical events where people relax after their daily activates. During every summer the municipality arranges musical programs in different places, so that people will have fun during their vacations.

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