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What Makes The Perfect Body?

Everyone imagines having the perfect body at one point or another. Generally, it is women who are more vocal about this desire. Women often talk about what things they’d like to change about themselves, and how to improve their physique. However, men are not immune to thoughts of having the perfect body as well. But what makes a body perfectly ideal? For women it seems proportion is the key. Most women agree, having a perfect figure is based having a proportionally larger chest and hips, and a smaller waist. This provides that well-known hourglass shape which appeals to 85% of men. And while most local women were not born with the capacity to achieve this shape on their own, they can come closer to having the ideal body with a little help from an Orange County plastic surgeon.

Orange County plastic surgeons can give us just what we are looking for. Liposuctions, tummy tucks and most all other procedures aren’t only for women but men as well. While there may not be an exact formula for the ideal measurements of a man’s body, there are certain specific ideals. Six pack abs, large biceps, etc. can be among those considered. And while going to the gym can create such effects, for women, no amount of working out can increase the size of her chest. Bust size is one of the most common things women are unhappy with, and often the first on the list of things they want to fix. In Orange County breast implants are the growing trend among women of all ages. Breast implants definitely boost a woman’s self confidence. They say the most attractive woman is completely proportionate. However plastic surgery isn’t just for making things larger. On the other hand, in Orange County breast reduction surgeries are done quite often for women whose bust is larger in proportion to the rest of the body. Although plastic surgery is commonly associated with women , it’s increasing popularity is causing more and more men to join the conversation as well. While women usually flaunt and share what they’ve had done, men used to be ashamed of it. Now more and more men and women are talking about their plastic surgery openly.

In 2005 12% of liposuction procedures were performed on men. That number has increased since then, and in fact has almost doubled. Men now want to look younger and slimmer in Orange County liposuction seems to be the man’s choice of plastic surgery. Liposuction can get rid of those stubborn fat pockets that are the hardest to rid during regular diet and exercise. There are now even types of liposuction which sculpt the man’s chest and stomach so they look more defined. Suddenly six pack abs and muscular pecs aren’t so hard to reach. For more information on plastic surgery in your area, contact your local plastic surgeon for a consultation, and get one step closer to having the perfect body you’ve always dreamed of.

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Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a double board certified plastic surgeon who excels in the art of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for both men and women. He is a natural leader and a caring physician, who has a passion for perfection. For more information please log on:

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