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Voluntary dental can open doors for p-c agents.: An article from: National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management

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Voluntary dental can open doors for p-c agents.: An article from: National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management

Know More About Mortgage Protection Insurance!

You are about to buy your first life insurance policy and this is first foray into the world of life insurance policies, the word Mortgage protection insurance can leave you a little disconcerted. What is the difference between Mortgage protection insurance and life insurance? What would best suit your needs? Are there any extra benefits of choosing Mortgage protection insurance over regular term or whole life insurance? These are a few questions that people who are new to insurance policies seem to have. Firstly, Mortgage protection insurance is simply nothing more than life insurance, just packaged fancily.

If you are considering opting for Mortgage protection insurance, you need to know your facts regarding what the policy offers. Look through the fine print of the policy in detail. Sometimes, these policies have decreasing death benefits and are considered to be more expensive than the regular term life insurance policies. However, Mortgage protection insurance provides coverage in the event of death and also of disability. To find out exactly how much more expensive this is over term life insurance, go online and do a comparative study to take an informed decision.

The reason why most people opt for Mortgage protection insurance is that more often than not the mortgage you have on your house is the biggest outstanding debt one could be left over with. Having Mortgage protection insurance will ensure that all your outstanding mortgage payments will be paid in the event of untimely death. Another piece of information about this particular insurance policy is that it is a non-medical one. The amount on your policy or the premiums you require to pay are not dependent on your health status. You and another person whose health is not in as good shape as yours would probably pay the same amounts which is a case where you lose out as good health makes for lower premiums in case of regular term life insurance. The only classification there that exists is one of smokers and non-smokers.

The suggested route by most insurance experts is to have Mortgage protection insurance as an add-on to your existing home insurance policy. In this way the money coming in from the Mortgage protection insurance policy helps you in paying the bills in the case of unemployment. This helps your family retain the home in case of your untimely death.
To know more about the various insurance policies visit a few websites and arm yourself with as much information as you can as in this case information is wealth, most certainly.

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Crowning glory: as employers reduce retiree benefits, more seniors are losing their prized dental coverage.: An article from: Best’s Review

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Crowning glory: as employers reduce retiree benefits, more seniors are losing their prized dental coverage.: An article from: Best’s Review

The Policy That Secure Your Life

When you buy a Medicare insurance to ensure your healthcare system you should know that it cannot cover each and every cost of your expenses on health. Yet there is a chance to manage the costing by planning a proper Medicare supplement plan. The Medicare plan which you get as a governmental service can be supplemented with other Medicare supplement insurance that altogether can give you a complete safeguard during the time of emergency.

Since there is a vast change found by President Obama’s policy for Medicare insurance plans it’s time to think of changing your healthcare plan, too. You can get a sense of security and economic stability through Medicare supplement plans. The facilities you get from your Medicare plan does not cover the whole cost of the expense of your medical services. In fact those who are under a long run treatment often need to change prescriptions. Not only that, staying in nursing facilities, co-payments, in home care and hospital visit altogether costs a lot that never is covered by a Medicare insurance plan. You of course a Medicare supplement insurance to secure this kind of situations. Many Medicare supplement insurance companies provide with permanent group of doctors and hospitals in their service list to their clients so that you can avail them any time when you need to. In addition to that, they pay for prescribed medicines as well as for some selected medical equipments.

You can easily find out the best Medicare supplement plan for you if you work out a bit methodically. Try to get the contracts of the agents of the Medicare supplement insurance companies so that they can provide you the details of their Medicare supplement insurance policies. It’s not tuff to get the best Medicare supplement plan among their offers. It would be easy for you if you concentrate on the attitude of the agents during interactions. Those who cannot explain their schemes easily would be black listed first. Again, some agents may ask to find out the quote of their company from their website. Do not go for them. Those who have a simple method of interaction like a phone number and email address along with a smart representation of their company quotes can be short listed. While compare between Medicare supplement plans you can check out the reputation of the Medicare supplement insurance companies so that you can find out the best Medicare insurance plan for you. You may find Medicare supplement insurance broker guide who can suggest you the best and can also work behalf of you.

There is another option open for you. You can find many companies offer their service online. What you have to do is to register online to them to know their Medicare supplement insurance policies. Once you get register with them, they would offer you their contact details like the office address and phone number so that you always would be able to find out whether the company is fake or not. It’s not really very hard to find out the best Medicare insurance plan for you!

Learn More to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

The reason we go for Medicare insurance is to cut down the costs we spend for our treatment in hospital or for medication and so on. This is also a matter of security we try to get for our own and the family for emergency purpose. Again, the need of this kind of insurance varies from one individual to another depending on their age and physical condition. A simple Medicare insurance plan covers only the ingoing hospital costs, the costs of some medication etc. since it does not work in the case of long run treatment where you have meet a outdoor doctor in a regular basis you need a plan that support you in a supplementary way along with your basic Medicare plan. Medicare supplement insurances cover the prescribed medication, outdoor doctor’s visit, costs of selected medical equipments and many more. Not only that, Medicare supplement insurance companies now-a-days offering a care plan that includes bunch of doctors and hospitals which would be always there to attain you.

While select a particular insurance plan from many it’s better to survey the market systematically. Though the front cover service would be the same of all Medicare supplement insurance companies since they are controlled strictly by lows, the costs and the area of service differs from one to another. To compare the Medical supplement plans that are given by the various companies one can take advice of his/her nearest local social welfare service. Another simple solution to this is to go through net where many Medicare supplement insurance companies advertise of people simply write on behalf of them when they get benefited by them. You can find thousands of websites and web pages that talks about Medicare supplement insurance plans. Once you survey the market it would be easy for you to understand which plan would be the best Medicare insurance plan for you.

If you hesitate to go for a Medical supplement insurance simply because of the monthly premium that you have to afford additionally you should think twice. The very first thing you can do is to find out the Medicare supplement plans that deduct your basic Medicare plan’s premium if functions as a proper Supplement to the plan. Another important thing that you always need to think is about the emergencies that come suddenly when the insurance would cut down the high range costs of the treatment and support you as a great savior. If you cannot guarantee about the future of your health anytime do not gamble with your bank account and security.

Again, if you are a senior or a lone person you need to think twice before avoiding Medicare supplement insurance plan because that is one of the best thing you can arrange for your future security. If you live in California, here is additional good news for you. Medigap California now offers you group Medicare insurance plan which might be provided by your company or you can shop the plan for your family. It sounds expensive if you compare Medicare supplement insurance plans with it that are made to cover individual one however, the whole plan together is actually cheaper that the others.

The Senate’s Power to Prevent Reform

The world of politics is never supposed to make any real sense. After all, once you pit people’s cherished beliefs against each other, passions are roused and the arguments soon become bitter. It would be better if everyone was just allowed to do what they wanted. But, when it comes to organising medical care for the population, it takes a government to put the right kind of infrastructure in place. People have to be trained as care givers. This takes years and costs a small fortune. Hospitals and clinics have to be built. And then we come to all the support staff who drive the ambulances, keep the places clean and keep the accounts. Ah, yes, the money. All of this work over years has to be paid for. So the $64,000 question is who should foot the bill? It’s at this point that emotions get in the way of common sense. Talk to one side of the argument and they will tell you people who want access to medical care should carry private insurance. Talk to the other side and they will tell you the state should pay for the service out of the tax revenue. It’s never really clear why people disagree. Only people who are in work pay tax. Only people who earn can afford to pay the premiums on insurance. It’s the same money. The only difference is the way it’s collected – one as tax and the other as premiums paid to an insurance company.

But wait! There is a difference! If the state collects in the money, it can use it more efficiently because, unlike the insurance industry, it does not intend to make a profit. So the only reason to support the current system is to allow the insurance industry to continue making an ever larger profit. As the Senate is currently set up, forty-one senators can stop any reform. That’s forty Republicans plus one other. Yet when you look at the number of people these Republican senators represent, it’s only 36% of the US population. This is somewhat unfair. The party with the majority of representatives was voted in by 64% of the population. The Democratic platform could not have been more clear. It was to be reform of health care provision. Yet when you look at the media (which is controlled by big business), all you see reported is the opposition to reform. The “tea party” movement captures all the headlines.

But in all this, there is one really big irony that gets very little coverage. The Republican senators may only represent 36% of the population, but they represent nearly 50% of the children without any health insurance and 42% of the adult population with no insurance. Despite the fact that half the uninsured children in the US are represented by the Republicans, their opposition to any reform that would give the children coverage could not be more aggressive. If we assume the outcome of the reform would be cheap health insurance for almost all US citizens, the Republicans are against it. Their policy is to keep the profits rolling in for the health insurance industry and, if the majority of the people who live in their states have no insurance, that’s just their bad luck. The US is genuinely a strange place. Despite the recession, it’s one of the richest countries in the world yet it has a political party determined to prevent its citizens from enjoying cheap health insurance. Sadly this party with the minority of votes in the Senate could get their way.

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When Your BMI Increases, so Does Your Life Insurance Rate

Life insurance is the ideal way to provide for your family when you are no longer around to provide for them. It is a great way to show them that you really care. However, too often we end up paying higher premiums on our life insurance, forcing us to compromise on the death benefit. One of the most common reasons behind higher premiums is higher Body Mass Indices or BMI’s. Let’s learn more.

Why a high BMI will increase your life insurance rate
BMI is a body fat ratio that is derived out of your height and weight numbers. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese, and a BMI between 25 and 30 is considered overweight.

Let’s understand the impact of a high BMI:

  • During a recent study, researchers found that men and women with BMI’s between 22.5 and 25 have the longest life spans.
  • High BMIs are associated with serious health risks such as cancer and heart disease and can seriously shorten your life span.
  • A BMI between 30 and 35 can reduce your lifespan by 2-4 years, and BMIs between 40 and 45, can reduce life spans by up to 10 years.

Life insurance companies make the most revenue out of people with longer life spans. They value healthy customers who are able to pay premiums well into their retirement years, than those who die from illnesses in their younger years.

A low BMI will therefore increase your life span, but a high BMI will cost you higher premiums. Those who have higher BMI’s should therefore work on bringing it down.

How to get your BMI down and qualify for a better life insurance rate
If you have a high BMI and want to qualify for better premiums, the only way out is to bring down your BMI. However, there is no quick-fix method of doing this. Further, life insurance purchases should never be put off. So as a first step, go ahead and buy a policy at a high rate. Term life policies are cheaper than whole life policies and just as effective. If you are serious about bringing your BMI down, get yourself a term life policy that will cover you for about 5 –10 years, which is a more than enough time period to bring your BMI down.

Once your life insurance policy is in place, you need to get serious about bringing your BMI down. Simple health, lifestyle and diet changes will make a huge difference. Remember to be consistent and most importantly, keep a record of your progress, along with supporting medical records and notes from your physician. They will all come in handy when you reapply for life insurance later. They will serve as proof, and assure the underwriters that you are serious about your health and are doing all you possibly can to improve it.

Wait for a span of 2 – 3 years, and if you are able to show consistent results, reapply for a policy.

Enjoy a better, longer life with a lower BMI
The associations between mortality and BMI & morbidity (ill health) and BMI are real and cannot be ignored. One needs to be more careful especially one you are in the market for life insurance. The Life insurance companies consider those who are able to keep their BMIs low for longer periods as their best customers. So remember to maintain your healthy lifestyle throughout your term. A lower BMI will not just guarantee you a lower premium; it will also keep you healthy and give you a better quality of life. Your family will stand to gain the most by having you around for much longer!

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Selling voluntary dental shouldn’t be like pulling teeth.: An article from: National Underwriter Life & Health

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Selling voluntary dental shouldn’t be like pulling teeth.: An article from: National Underwriter Life & Health

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