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13 Easy Slimimng Tips

When you have decided to start following a more healthy diet it makes sense to plan how you are going to start on your new and healthy lifestyle. By having a plan and making sure you stick to it, you are more likely to be able to make changes to your eating habits and keep up those changes in the long-term. Here are 13 easy slimming tips that will help you to establish new habits:

1. Add healthy foods to your diet rather than focussing on taking unhealthy foods away. Stock up on low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruit and wholegrains.

2. Buy some smaller dinner plates. This will give the illusion that your portion is bigger than it really is.

3. Cook more meals for yourself instead of buying pre-packaged meals. There are lots of healthy recipes you can try which are very easy to follow. The food will be much more nutritious and tasty and will not have the added chemicals that most ready-meals have in them.

4. Sit around the table with the family for every meal. Focus on what you are eating and savour every mouthful.If you eat on the run, you are more likely to eat more than you really need, because you will not notice when you feel full.

5. If you go out to work, take your own lunch and snacks with you. That way you have full control of what you eat.

6. Do not eat your snacks directly from the packet, put a small portion on to a plate. This will stop you from getting carried away and eating the whole packet

7. While you are cooking, chew some minty gum. This will stop any temptation you may have to nibble on the ingredients.

8. Make your meals into sociable occasions whenever you can and eat with other people. Do not eat too fast, just relax and enjoy the occasion.

9. Make eating healthier into a pleasure, not something to be endured. Think of the long-term benefits.

10. Never miss a meal. If you allow yourself to get too hungry, you may eat too much at the next meal. Keep a healthy snack to hand so that you are not tempted to grab something unhealthy when hunger strikes.

1. At the beginning of every week, plan what you are going to eat for each meal and write down a grocery list. Stick your weekly menus on the refrigerator and make sure you have all the ingredients you will need.

12. Cut down the amount of sugar that you have in hot drinks. If you gradually reduce it over a period of time, you will barely notice, eventually your taste buds will adjust so that you do not like the sweet taste any more.

13. Cut out sodas and other high sugar drinks. These are just empty calories. Drink more water instead. By following these easy slimming tips you will have got off to a good start in your new and healthy lifestyle. By making small changes in the beginning, you will find it much easier to carry on and achieve your weight loss goals.

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