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6 Simple Tips On How To Alleviate The Aches Of Arthritis Of The Knee

Arthritis affects 46 millions of Americans and, with middle-agers aging, the number of sufferers is expected to rise 67 million by the year 2030. Obviously, arthritis remains the nation’s leading cause of disability in those over age 15. And until recently, researchers viewed arthritis mainly because of wear and tear on the joints that caused little by a gradual loss of cartilage, the smooth layer of connective tissue that enables our bones to absorb the shock of joint motion and to move easily and without pain.

However what is it that makes us lose cartilage? Accidents and injuries are one factor, but they are the cause of a relatively small proportion of all cases of osteoarthritis. One of the main reasons, in fact, is inflammation – its link with osteoarthritis- and to pain in general- was found only recently in scientific studies. Ironically, inflammation is a self-protective process that happens when you are getting hurt. Inflammation has many positive effects such as increasing blood supply to an injured area. But what we really don’t know is that this protective reaction can backfire on us. Sometimes inflammation continues long after it is needed, leading to greater pain and further loss of cartilage in joints.

Injuries aren’t the sole triggers of inflammation. In fact, poor diet and lack of exercise also play a part. But one of the keys to reducing the pain of the arthritis of the knee is stopping unwanted inflammation. While there is no treatment for arthritis at present, you can do a few things to slow its progression and alleviate the pain. The following noninvasive cures can provide relief to most arthritis sufferers.

1. Watch Your Diet. Eat foods that reduce inflammation, and get away from those that cause it. Red meat and high-fructose corn syrup both are loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, which are likely to promote inflammation. Processed sugars and fatty foods also are prime culprits in America’s epidemic of overweight and obesity, which are factors in arthritis. Extra weight places further stress on the spine, hip, and knee joints and exacerbates any inflammation there. To lessen inflammation, consume more foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like deep-sea fish, flaxseed, brightly colored fruits, dark-green leafy vegetables, and olive oil. Remember that nutritionists now advise eating these same foods to further improve overall health.

2. Take safe supplements. Recent study indicates that the use of ginger, glucosamine and chondroiton sulfate may be helpful for moderate to severe arthritis. In fact, ginger has been used in India for centuries as treatment for knee pain. Talk to your healthcare provider for specific suggestions.

3. Use Your Body. Some sufferers of arthritis are afraid that exercise can hurt them. However what they don’t know is that simple exercises are required for proper functioning of joint. To start with, stretch the affected joint and if you arthritis joint can manage it, walking just 20 to 30 minutes a day can avoid further deterioration.

4. Breathe Slowly and Properly. Proper breathing in a slow, controlled rhythm is the quickest joint pain relief. Any mild form of stretching with controlled breathing like yoga or tai chi, also can alleviate arthritis pain.

5. Try Massage and Acupuncture. Because mainstream medicine has not provided enough treatment for arthritis short of drugs and surgery, a lot of arthritis sufferers have turned to natural remedies for arthritis such as massage and acupuncture. Generally, massage therapy has been shown to be beneficial for arthritis of the spine and hip, and acupuncture has yielded promising results for arthritis of the knee in clinical trials.

6. Other Arthritis Treatments. For those whose knee pain continues even after adopting these lifestyle changes, a spray such as Brazilian Heat may provide instant relief. This spray helped relieve knee pain by turning off the knee pain nerves.

These new cure for arthritis could begin to hit the market in just a few years. In the meantime, eating a sound anti-inflammatory diet, taking safe supplements, and following a sensible exercise regimen while keeping your body weight in check will help you prevent many of the side effects of arthritis.

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