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A History of Tunturi Fitness Machines

Tunturi is the Finnish term for highland and it is also the name for Finnish business which commenced as a small bicycle retailer begun by brothers in 1922. Tunturi has developed over the decades to become the premier Finnish manufacturer of work out and home fitness machines. The persons of Finland do not have the replace it every few decades mentality that can be seen in different cultures. Their tradition has always been to build and buy quality that will last a lifetime. This tradition will be apparent in Tunturi products.

Tunturi manufactures treadmills, rowing exercise equipment, and exercise bikes. For those who want to achieve a more comprehensive workout without spending more time, a Tunturi cross trainer may be the wisest choice. Virtually all Tunturi fitness machines comes with electronic monitoring tools. Tunturi groups its fitness pieces into three classes, so the customer can more easily find the right tools for him or her. The Competence items are designed for individuals who want to become more fit. The Performance pieces are for those who want a program of more frequent and intense workouts, and the Endurance class goods are the same which could be found in a professional gym or exercise center. To provide customers with a comprehensive selection of workout options, Tunturi also provides tiny things such as mats for yoga and pilates and small weights.

The inclusion of minor weights with other fitnesss can, of course, provide a truly well rounded exercise regimen which stimulates a wider variety of muscle groups. Tunturi fitness products are sold in over 40 countries around the world. In 2003, Tunturi was acquired by the Acell Group, which is the largest European manufacture of cycles and fitness related equipment. This new business relationship guarantees Tunturi itself a long and healthy life.

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