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A Look At Boditronics Express Whey

Boditronics Express Whey is a blending of excellent quality proteins that are bio-available. The powder also comes with a high concentration of BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) coupled with L-Glutamine. Glutamine aids in muscle development and recovery while at the same time protecting against muscle atrophy. The latter is a constant battle which explains why we body builders must continue training and keep up our diets.

Express Whey is available in a whole array of flavors that includes strawberries and cream and choc mint which are both extremely delicious. The protein levels are 75% which is pretty high – giving ample protein for the hard training athlete. Not only that but the protein is time released by making use of Micellar Casein feeding the muscles the things they need for a longer period. Prebiotics are also included to aid digestion.

It is made up by using about 350-450ml of water with 2 scoops of Express Whey. It is strongly recommended that you place the water in first before the Express Whey to acheive a better mix.

For taking it, best results, as for many protein supplements is to have some very first thing each day (it’s a great time because it is often difficult to consume enough protein for many typical breakfast sources). As a way to keep up with the recommended 5 to 6 meals for muscle building you can have Express Whey between your normal meals which will keep your protein levels up.

After a hard training session, your muscles will first need to replenish its glucose stores. Shortly after this your muscles begin to repair and you’ll be in need of protein. So, following training is a great time to take a protein shake just be sure to replace the energy first for maximum efficiency.

Just like any supplement they should be taken in conjunction with not just a decent training regime but also your overall diet has to be good. Protein supplements are “supplemental” to everything else and not an alternative to getting the other things right. Having said that, Express Whey is an excellent choice for improving your intake of protein and maximising your muscle gains.

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