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A Parable for Meditation

What if there was an ancient saying that has the power to change everything?

This magical sentence has been around for 100s of years. There are numerous versions of this story. Here is one version.

There was once a powerful ruler . He commanded his wise men to invent a sentence that would always be true, in any situation.

This was a very difficult task. But finally, his wise men prevailed. They had come up with a phrase that would always be true.

The king’s sages took the sentence and engraved it into a ring. They told the king to not read it untill he really needed it. Since the King knew how wise his sages were, he followed thier advice, and did not read the proverb in the ring.

Years passed. The king’s enemies had attacked and had managed to chase the king out of his kingdom. While being chased on his horse through the woods, the king heard his enemies closing in. At this point, There was no more road in front of the king. There was instead, a steep cliff overlooking a long and deadly fall. What to do? Face his enemies, where he was hopelessly outnumbered, or plunge to his death?

All seemed lost. Remembering the inscription in his ring, the king finally read it.

The wise saying is simply:
This Too Shall Pass

He smiled to himself. His wise men had written something that will always be true. He noticed the sound of his enemies getting further away. They had not seenhis trail. He later led his army to conquer the enemy and peace resumed in his kingdom.

Think of how much truth isin these four words.
When you are sad, they can make you happy. If elated, these four words can bring you back to reality. So when the road ahead feels like the steep cliff in our tale … Try to meditate on the words: “This Too Shall Pass”. See what truth you find.

If you are havinga hard time meditating, try some meditation music or relaxing music. May your kingdom be a happy one!

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