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Anti-aging Supplement: Rezveratrol

Dr Oz recently concluded a review of the 60 Minutes Rezveratrol study, which concluded that this new anti-aging supplement was probably one of the few and most effective ways to achieve longevity.

Little was originally known of rezveratrol until the age old “French Paradox” conundrum was addressed.

Here scientists wanted to uncover why it was that the French remained relatively thin and lived quite long lives yet consumed a diet high in fat and protein.

It was until two separate communities were discovered to have some of the largest centenarian populations in the world were their diets cross examined to discover a similar ingredient present in both, and consumed day in day out in very high quantities.

Rezveratrol is now its medicinal term and this polyphenol are in fact fungi found in both the Japanese Knotweed and the Muscadine grape skin.

Reservatrol is found in the fungi of this polyphenol which grows naturally to protect both plants from dangerous bacteria.

If consumed in high concentrations over a short period of time, this anti-oxidant has now been found to cleanse and scrub your arteries.

This, dietitians state is why Sardinia has the largest number of female centenarians per capita.

Okinawans also have a high percentage of individuals living well into their hundreds, plus what’s also extremely baffling to scientists is that they hardly have a case of cancer to report on.

One statistic to take note of is that if you are born and bred in Okinawa, you stand an 88% chance of less likely developing cancer than if you were raised in the U.S.

This is not to suggest that rezveratrol can cure cancer but it definitely offers the ability to keep it at bay.

The local Knotweed is not only part of every day recipes but has been used to treat a number of ailments for centuries.

These include medicines for allergic and inflammatory disorders as well as offering lipid atherosclerosis medication and liver ailments to assist in the recovery of Hepatitis B.

So it is clear rezveratrol offers many health benefits, not just those empirically proven in the west, which just state that it cleans your arteries.

However, knowing that there is a “tab” which can do this is welcome news to many where continents like the U.S and Europe suffer from some of the worst artery related illnesses.

Having the ability of cleansing your arteries each day is wonderful if longevity is what you desire, but if rezveratrol is accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise, Dr Oz and scientists concur this can well increase how long you live by at least ten, or even twenty years.

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