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Are You Losing Sleep due to Nocturia?


Is your night’s sleep disrupted by the need to visit the bathroom? Nocturia is a condition that affects many people causing them to get up in the night in order to urinate. While this problem can arise at any age it is most prevalent in older people.

Nocturia sufferers can find themselves visiting the bathroom maybe 5 or 6 times a night. This presents a significant health concern as the body and brain must be adequately rested.

As we age our anti-diuretic hormone levels decrease making us less able to hold fluids which is one of hte reasons that older people are more commonly affected by this condition. Another factor making this condition more common in older people is that our bladder capacity decreases as we age.

Nocturia can be a sign or symptom of other conditions such as prostate disorders, bladder complaints or urological infections. It can also be a symptom of diabetes or heart problems so it is always advisable to seek medical attention.

But one of the most common causes is simply drinking too much too late in the day. It’s a good idea not to drink any caffeinated drinks late in the day and to keep the volume of fluid intake to a minimum after about mid afternoon.

One form of treatment is an anti-diuretic drug called desmopressin. Clinical trials have demonstrated that this drug can have a beneficial effect on the frequency of bathroom visits. Your doctor may be able to prescribe alternative treatments.

It is advisable to keep a diary of your nightly bathroom visits that you can take to your doctor to demonstrate the extent of your problem. This can also help when assessment whether treatment or changes in habits and lifestyle have been beneficial.

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