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Are You Making This Mistake While Treating Depression?

This article is about detecting depression by checking for early warning signs. When you detect it early, you can start treatment for it soon.

A big mistake which a lot of people make when diagnosed with depression is that they start taking medications for it. You may be surprised to know that in more than 50% cases, medication is not at all effective. Patients don’t seem to feel much relief even after continued use of medicines.

Another negative is that medications can cause harmful side effects which can spoil your health. Patients, after taking the medications for many days, report problems like insomnia, weight gain or weight loss, hypertension, feelings of nausea etc.

Yet another problem with medication is that many people find only small amount of relief. The result of medicine seems to be quite limited. The patients continue to suffer from the effects of depression even after diligently following the advice of doctors.

Almost all of us experience depressive or negative thoughts and emotions sometimes. This is quite normal. However if these feelings persist for a long time, then we need to consider getting it treated.

If you continue to feel depressive and sad thoughts even after many days and weeks have passed since a disturbing event occurred, then you need to consider getting some form of treatment.

We have many options. We can seek the help of either doctors or psychologists to treat depression. However, some people cannot afford the expensive fees of psychologists. They also feel embarrassed or shy of going to a psychologist as they fear other people will make fun of them.

In such cases, they can go for self-help treatments. There are many techniques which people can learn and start applying on their own without much outside help. Such self help treatments are usually inexpensive, but they require will power and discipline on the part of the patient.

Before you begin any treatment, make sure you really suffer from depression. Proper diagnosis is required. Luckily, there are a few warning signs which can help us recognize whether this problem is present in us or not.

There are many types of depression. You also need to classify what form of depression is affecting you.

Here are a few early warning signs and symptoms of depression:
feelings of sadness and grief,
anxious thoughts,
you feel lonely and avoid company of others
feeling sad without any reason,
extreme tiredness and fatigue
difficulty in sleeping,
difficulty in concentrating ,
getting irritated easily

Final Words of Advice:
I want to repeat that it is not wise to go for medications. . Avoid them as much as possible and opt for natural treatments. Use medications only in extreme cases.

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