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Are You Ready For Tony Horton One On One?

One on One brings you up close and personal with Tony Horton as he pushes you to reach ever-higher levels of fitness. You get raw, unfiltered footage right from the source, with no edits, no retakes, and no audience to distract you—it’s just you and Tony doing all-new, high-intensity workouts.

I had such great results with P90X during the original 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge that when I was offered the chance to review the full edition of Volume 1 of Tony Horton’s One on One “No Mercy”, I was very excited!

For the almost 2 months I have been combining the P90X with some Insanity workouts, trying to add some extra cardio into my workout schedule. Now I will be working in the One on One workouts from Volume 1.
When you sign up for the One on One program, you receive a new DVD each month, delivered right to your home, so that you can train with Tony using his latest workouts. These workouts utilize the same intensity as the P90X but in less time! This should be great since my biggest problem with P90X has been fitting in the lengthiest workouts.

These One on One workouts take place in Tony Horton’s home gym (which is awesome by the way!) with the first volume containing the following workouts:

Volume 1, Disc 1: Plyo Legs

Volume 1, Disc 2: Power 90 Road Warrior

Volume 1, Disc 3: Killer Abs

Volume 1, Disc 4: Just Arms

Volume 1, Disc 5: Thirty Fifteen Routine

Volume 1, Disc 6: Fountain of Youth Yoga

Volume 1, Disc 7: Cardio 5-6 Plus

Volume 1, Disc 8: Mammoth UML

Volume 1, Disc 9: Bun Shaper

Volume 1, Disc 10: Medicine Ball Core Cardio

Volume 1, Disc 11: Recovery 4 Results

Volume 1, Disc 12: Diamond Delts

Volume 1, Disc 13: Holiday Horton

Let me just say that at age 50 Tony Horton is in amazing shape! As I complete reviews for each individual workout, I will add the link to the titles. Just click on the title to be taken to my individual reviews. I will be adding one or two each week until they are all completed.

My Thoughts: Overall I think the One on One series is an interesting concept. I really liked Tony’s coaching style in P90X and think he is one of the best motivators I’ve seen and he doesn’t get annoying in the P90X workouts like so many trainers do. The first thing I did when receiving Volume 1 was open it up to see what workouts were in there. I had a small panic attack when I realized that there were no instructions!

I’ve gotten comfortable being told what workout to do on which day, so much so that seeing 13 discs without any direction almost sent me over the edge!

However, once I calmed down about it I realized that when you are receiving these discs once per month you use them to supplement or replace a regular workout so that you can mix things up a little bit – this is a good thing! The one thing I don’t like is that there is no time bar across the bottom – so I have no idea how much longer I have to go in the workout. I am counting down minutes for the last 45 10 minutes at least of every workout that I do.

Aside from those little things I am looking forward to adding a little more variety and hopefully finding a few more favorite workouts that I can add in to my regular workout schedule.

Buy It: sells the complete One on One Volume 1 – 13 disc with $56.07 for free shipping.

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