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Be Healthy by Cooking from Scratch

My mom is a great cook. She taught me everything she knew so I thought I would be a good cook to. But I experienced a rude awakening when I went to college. I discovered as a freshman that cooking takes time and can be boring and if it doesn’t taste good it can feel like a time waster.

So when in the grocery store I stumbled upon box dinners. Why hadn’t my mom told me about these before?! All I had to do was add water, meat, eggs or cheese and I would have something that perhaps wasn’t as good as her home cooking but was far superior to my culinary attempts.

After six months of eating out at restaurants and eating box dinners you can imagine what I looked like – penniless and 15 lbs heavier than when I begun. After failed attempts to diet I decided to eat healthier and go back to cooking my own food.

What I didn’t realize before was that there was wisdom in my mom’s techniques. She could control what was in her food and knew everything she was eating. There were few unnecessary calories in the bulk of her meals so she could always enjoy a piece of cake or pie (which she also made).

People that cook for themselves have more control over their diet and can therefore adjust their vitamin intake to protect against diseases. I eat foods that protect me against macular degeneration (that causes blindness) because several women in my family have poor eye health. Some foods can even ward against Breast Tumors, and cancer and can strengthen your heart.

Meals don’t have to be incredibly health conscious either, as long as they are well-balanced and you eat in moderation. One of my favorite dishes is eggplant parmesan, which is covered with marinara sauce (I try to make my own) and covered in parmesan cheese (which is a nice strong cheese so you end up eating less than a more bland cheese). I bake the eggplant rather than frying it and always use olive oil over canola.

Store bought eggplant parmesan is soaked in cream, has been fried with as much fat as possible and doesn’t taste nearly as good as a fresh, home baked version!

Sure it takes time and energy but you can feel empowered by cooking on your own, making your own healthy choices when you grocery shop and by picking your own healthy recipes.

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