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Better For You: Natural Breath Fresheners

Natural breath fresheners hold many benefits over traditional ones and work just as effectively if not better. Besides being free from chemicals and additives, natural breath fresheners can keep your breath fresh for longer and can reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth by eliminating them naturally. Any time that you can remove unnecessary chemicals and additives from your body it benefits your overall health. Bad breath is caused by one main problembacteria. Bacteria are present throughout our bodies and they do serve special roles in how our bodies function, and usually do no harm as long as they are controlled. Bacteria inside the mouth are usually kept under control with regular brushing and flossing. Regular dental checkups can also help identify any problems before they get worse. Bacteria grow well in the dark, moist environment of the mouth and as they grow and feed they release sulfur compounds that produce the odors that we associate with bad breath. Bacteria that are not properly removed will continue to grow and can lead to a variety of tooth and gum problems including severe gum infections, tooth loss, and even infect other areas of the body by entering the blood stream. Natural peppermint and spearmint oils are key ingredients that serve a special function. Not to mask odors and trick us into believing our mouth is clean. Natural mint oils are anti-bacterial. They can eliminate and slow the growth of bacteria and this is essential to keeping your breath smelling fresh longer. Natural ingredients are also less likely to disrupt the delicate environment inside the mouth by drying it out, or causing the allergic responses that some chemicals in traditional breath fresheners can. So making the wise choice of eliminating bad bacteria naturally is key to keeping your mouth and body happy. Most traditional mouthwashes have such a long list of chemicals that they can’t even list them all on the label. Why put all those chemicals in your body when you can freshen breath naturally and clean your teeth just as well without them? Natural breath fresheners are a wise choice in your fight against bad breath.

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