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Body Fusion Opens Personal Training Roswell Ga

Body Fusion Opens Personal Training Roswell


The “Weight” is Over !! Body Fusion Fitness offers its elite personal training in Roswell Ga. Our services are unparalleled and you will receive the highest quality personal training and customer service available in metro Atlanta.

The Body Fusion benefit is having a fitness coach who is properly trained to provide you with a guideline for exercise/nutrition that meet your specific needs is so incredible that it trumps pretty much any other preventative medicine.Come See what all the buzz is about with our unique apporach to persoanl training in Roswell GA.

One-On-One Personal Training

To achieve total body fitness, we create personalized exercise programs for each client. Every program is designed, based on the individual’s goals. Our programs are customized for all levels of fitness, and are designed for those interested in weight loss, sport specific training or overall well being. Our Private Training Suites offer a non-intimating environment with no distractions so the focus is entirely on you. If you are new to exercise , this is the best way to receive the motivation, accountability and education you need to achieve your goals.

Partner Training:

For a combined rate, you and your friend will receive all the guidance and experience of a certified trainer with the benefit of companionship while you exercise. This package includes a one-on-one program consultation in which we discuss your prior exercise history and fitness goals.

Group Training

Share a personal trainer for a lower cost! Is personal training out of your price range? The answer is NO at Body Fusion Fitness. We at Body Fusion have a small group session where you just share a trainer with no more than 3 other clients, and the cost is significantly lower! Body Fusions small group trainers will work with each individual to meet his/her goals even as a member of a small

We offer:

* The flexibility to have your personal trainer in a Small Group Training No more than 4 clients in each session. * Your personal trainer at an affordable rate * Routines designed to reduce body fat, increase stamina and tone/build muscle * Modifications for each exercise allowing different fitness levels to work together.

Pre- and Postnatal Training:

Whether you are about to begin a family or have just started a family, this period of time will be an exciting experience. Exercising during these times can provide lifelong positive affects on you and your child. Regular exercise during and after pregnancy can improve your self-esteem and overall fitness, help you to maintain a lean body.

Kickboxing Training:

Burn Calories and fire up your workout. Imagine burning 550 calories in 45 minutes while having the time of your life! Body Fusion is very up beat and is a awesome way to work your cardio in as well Kickboxing beats running in place on a machine – and keeps you interested and motivated. Whether you’re a beginner or expert athlete, our classes will leave you sweaty and smiley – and you’ll love losing the weight!

Having a Body Fusion Fitness Coach – The Benefits

Many people today are finally realizing how much benefit they can get from a professionally trained personal fitness coach.

Here at Body Fusion we feel that if our medical system covered a dozen personal training sessions per year, our health care costs would be much, much lower!

Body Fusion proper Awareness of Form when doing an Exercise – even when you have a mirror in front of you, chances are you aren’t completely aware of your form, a Body Fusion personal fitness coach will shine a light on this matter. In the long run having proper form means less injury and better results guaranteed.

Body Fusion Motivation Factor – there are days when you are just going to feel bored or unmotivated to do your workout. Having a Body Fusion personal fitness coach will spike your energy and motivation so much that all your stresses and uncertainties will fade away. This is great way to boost your self confidence!

Body Fusion takes you to New Levels – sure you think you are pushing yourself pretty hard, but you also feel like you’re not getting the results you should be getting. A Body fusion personal fitness coach will push you to new levels and get you out of any plateau.

Body Fusion adds Variety to your Workouts – since Body Fusion personal fitness coach’s are on top of the latest techniques and exercises to improve your performance in sports and strengthen your muscles safely, they will have a lot of different suggestions on how to add variety and keep evolving your workouts and keep them interesting.

Body Fusion Tracks your Success – A Body Fusion personal fitness coach will track the different workouts that you are doing and how many reps and what weights you are using so every few weeks they can provide you with a measurement of your gains.

Give us a call at 770-649-9700 or check us out on the web at to receive you free personal training session.

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