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Brown Rice

“Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth” ( Japanese Proverb ). Are you desperate about rice? Can’t resist the delicious and appetizing aroma, elevating your hunger? Do grab a serving of rice and nourish your hunger with rice. But try to opt for a meal which has high nutrient value. If you are a diabetic patient and doctor has restrained you from having rice, then don’t get vexed. You can still have a serving of rice, but this time the Brown rice.

Brown rice is partially pulverized rice. As brown rice is a kind of whole and natural grain consequently it has a placid nutty savor. When you compare the nutrition value of brown rice with white rice then you will come to know about the various advantages of it over white rice.

Brown rice is chewier than white rice and has more nutritious value. One disadvantage of brown rice is that it becomes stale more rapidly. All types of rice such as long grain rice, short grain rice or sticky rice may be consumed as brown rice. In term of price it is way too expensive than white rice. The augmented price of brown rice is due to squat supply and intricacy in storage and transportation.

In Asian countries, brown rice is largely allied to paucity and scarcity during the wartime. Brown rice was considered to be an appetite for the sick and a medication for constipation. For many dieters it is a fundamental healthy food.

Brown rice is cooked and prepared in a nutritionally advanced technique. This technique involves drenching rinsed brown rice for 20 hours in lukewarm water (38 °C or 100 °F) before cooking. The germination process is stimulated thus activating numerous enzymes in it. This method helps to obtain a more complete amino acid profile in brown rice

Brown rice is prone to get soar earlier. You can store and preserve brown rice for 6 months under standard environment. To increase the lifetime of brown rice, freeze it and place in a hermetic storage.

Many deadly diseases; beriberi and diabetes are caused due to high intake of white rice. Majority rice eaters don’t eat brown rice. Such rice eaters consider brown rice as a peasant’s food or animal feed. Modern Health Movement has confirmed that organic granules, including brown rice is better than refined grains.

Don’t worry if you want to eat brown rice at the price of white rice. You can find economic brown rice at Lundberg’s factory.”

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