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Brown Vaginal Discharge Causes, Treatments For Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge suffered by every woman once in there life. Vaginal discharge means secretion comes out from female sexual organ. Vaginal discharge is normal if there is no pain, itching, burning and irritation. Vaginal discharge normally suffered during or after menstrual cycle or after pregnancy. Vaginal also varies due to the hormonal imbalance. Vaginal discharge can be of white, brown, yellow, grayish and green color. When secretions come out from the sexual organ then they change their color when they expose to the air. There are many factors that cause the vaginal discharge like stress, depression, illness, over weight, excess consuming of contraceptive pills and miscarriage. Brown vaginal discharge works as the cleaning up the sexual organ after menstrual cycle.

There are many causes that cause brown vaginal discharge

Brown vaginal discharge can be caused due to the excess growth of bacterias and yeast. In normal vaginal discharge small amount of bacteria and yeast are present but excessive growth of bacteria and yeast can cause vaginal discharge.

Excessive consuming of alcohols, smoking and drugs can cause brown vaginal discharge and also lack of menstrual cycle. Avoid these bad habits.

Brown vaginal discharge can cause due to the excess consuming of medications. Vaginal discharges can also usage of vaginal lubrication products like oils and jellies. Vaginal discharge can also cause due to the usage of soaps, deodorants, dyes and scented toilet papers. All these products can irritate your genital area and cause vaginal discharge.

Brown vaginal discharge can also caused due to the gaps in menstruation.

Brown vaginal discharge can be suffered by over weight person. Vaginal discharge can also cause due to the excessive dieting and over workouts.

Brown vaginal discharge can loss your appetite. When you are suffering from brown vaginal discharge then you may loss your appetite and you may feel fatigue and ill.

Brown vaginal discharge can cause red rashes and hot when touch the sexual organ. When you are suffering from brown vaginal discharge then you also feel pain while doing sexual intercourse.

Brown vaginal discharge can also cause itching, burning, irritation, pain, red rashes and foul odor from sexual organ. You can also loss your weight.

When you are suffering from brown vaginal discharge you can feel abdominal pain also.

Brown vaginal discharge can moisten your skin. Brown vaginal discharge can cause problem in fertility.

There are many medications are available to cure the brown vaginal discharge problem like pills and creams. But these can have side effects. Always recommend to go for natural and herbal treatments. As these treatments do not have any kind of side effects.

Some natural treatments are

Change in your diet.

Take a nutritious diet.

This will help you to give balance nutrients diet.

Avoid spicy food and high cholesterol food.

Drink water as much as you can.

Water helps you in cleaning through infection through urine.

Avoid usage of alcohols, smoking and drugs.

Avoid or eliminate sugar and sweets of all kind. All these treatment can help you to over come from the brown vaginal discharge.

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