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Can A Bigger Bust Really Be Achieved With All-Natural Pills?

Today’s world is filled with advertisements of perfect women having wasp-size waists and D cup breasts. The thrust to have bigger breasts continues to be on the rise at par with the need for a leaner and more buff body. Some women don’t care how they achieve their beauty and are quite happy to use any kind of surgery or prescription drug methods. Another group are highly particular about what they put into their bodies. These women are likely to choose fresh foods like fruits and vegetables in preference to ready meals. They will typically seek out natural means of breast augmentations. But is this a sensible choice?

Like any surgery, cosmetic surgical breast augmentation is going to carry some serious risks – have a look at breast implants or male breast reduction surgery for more material in connection with this subject area. An alternative to breast implants are herbal pills that claim to do wonders for breasts. Often you’ll come across these pills online with the selling website claiming that they are completely safe.

Scientifically natural breast augmentation is quite possible through a method of stimulating estrogen in the body. This is often how these pills work. Women on birth control pills experience temporary a breast size increase because of fluid retention. This is due to the estrogen the pills contain.

So there is a possibility that natural pills will work however there is absolutely no evidence that they are safe. This alone should be enough to discourage anyone from starting a course of bust growing pills. You should be aware that estrogen in high levels can be bad and is associated with endometriosis. Also there is some evidence that natural bust-enhancing pills can have a negative effect on a woman’s fertility and menstrual cycle. The pills can also negatively interfere with oral contraceptives.

The herbs used in breast augmentation pills are well known and have been used traditionally for many years. However there have never been studies carried out on the intake of these herbs for long periods. A few of these herbs are saw palmetto, dong quai, and fenugreek.

So what does all this come down to? Currently, the safest way to increase breast size is by implants.

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