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CANI – A Perception for Perfection in Martial Arts

CANI or Constant and Never Ending Improvement is a concept needed to be applied in every walk of life, more particularly relating to martial arts or fitness training program. CANI should be applied to anything you do. Keep asking yourself – how can I improve my technique and knowledge, my confidence and skill – and you will be able to do better in every walk of life. You must have a passion of learning and improving and one day you will be the best of yourself.

Human beings are born to achieve and it is achievement only that differentiates a man from an animal. So be an achiever, a master in whatever is your area of activity. You can apply CANI in any area of your life. Achievers are those who are committed to never ending improvement. Improving is essential for survival; but for steady progress, as successful people do, a more dedicated approach to improvement is required. Improve in Small phases. Make small goals, achieve them on daily basis and keep trying to improve upon them, step by step. Write down your goals. Writing means committing. This will remind you of your commitment and empower you to achieve your goals. Keep reminding yourself “I am committed to unending improvement and nothing can stop me”… Here is a passage from a book on Personal Mastery which needs to be read, understood and followed. “Always will I strive to be greater than I am? I must SURPASS MYSELF. In each successive act, test, encounter, thought, I will be GREATER than in the one previous. I am what I am now, but in an hour I must be MORE than I am now.” For example if you have set a goal of benching extra 100 lbs, you can break it by lifting 10 lbs extra every week or 1 or 2 lbs every day. This will certainly boost your confidence.

Do not just stop and relax when you get to that extra 100lbs. Now you need to set next goal again and again so that you keep improving constantly. You can have a pause and celebrate your present and past achievements but do not give-up improving. It was said once that if you can just improve ten areas of your training and fitness level by 10% each – you have actually made a 100% improvement in your overall training! You may be a beginner or a highly skilled MMA fighter just imagines how much better shape you would be in and as a fighter you could be if you:

  • Ate 10% better
  • Could lift 10% more weight
  • Could kick 10% higher
  • Could hit 10% harder
  • Could sprint 10% longer
  • Could hold your breath 10% longer
  • Could make 10% more flexible
  • Could take 10% more punishment
  • Could go all out 10% longer
  • Could train 10% longer

Now that you have written your goals, just set a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a dream; it’s the deadline that makes it a goal.

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